Best Tips to Secure Your Smartphone 2021

 Keeping smartphones secure has become one of the most activity for everyone. We keep our every personal data, images, file and many important things in it. But what to do when you lost your phone or it is stolen. Here I have given the 10 Best Tips to Secure Your Smartphone. These tips will make your smartphone beautiful from the inside and outside.


When we buy a new phone, we treat it like a baby or our loving ones. Time after time, we lose interest in it. It is because our smartphone looks ridiculous, broken and dirty. We don’t care about our phones and we install unwanted apps, placing our phones in warm places. So today I am going to give you some easy tips that will maintain your phone life and it will keep your smartphone secure. First of all, Open your Phone’s settings

  • Go to Google and look for 2FA
  • Enable 2-Step Verification
2. Locate your lost phone
  • Open a Web Browser and type Find my device or install the Find my device app from the play store on your friend’s phone.
  • Sign in with the same account which is open on your phone
  • Now Google will give you the exact location of your phone if the location is on.
  • If you are unable to track the exact location simply click on reset and delete everything from your phone.
3. Set Difficult Screen Lock
  • Firstly, Go to your phone settings
  • Tap on Security
  • Set your pattern, passcode or pin.
4. Turn off Mobile Data When you are not using your Phone
5. Turn off Background Data
  • Firstly, Open your Mobile Settings
  • Search for Data Usage
  • Now you will see the reports of your data usage
  • Scroll down and search for Background data
  • Simply Turn off Background data.
  • That’s it!! You can see a huge change in your Jio Internet Speed.
Note: You will not get notifications of any apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or any other app which is currently not open.
6. Remove the Charger before Full Charge
7. Apply Scratch Proof Glass
8. Don’t Allow Notifications from Unwanted Websites
9. Install Low Size Games and Apps
10. Don’t Place Your Phone in a Warm and Hot Place
Conclusion – Secure Your Smartphone

When I was in the 10th class, my dad gifted me his old smartphone. That phone had an older android version and every time that sucks and hangs too much. So I did many experiments on that phone and I got positive results.

However, I can’t say that it was working very fine because it was an old phone and my dad had killed its life. So I wanna tell you to don’t do those mistakes that my father did. If you have bought a new smartphone so follow these tips to secure your android or iOs phone and you will never be sad.

1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

It is the best way to keep your phone secure and nobody can steal your password. Whenever you enter the same password on many websites so there are many chances to hack your account. These common mistakes can damage and lost your data for a lifetime. 2FA can secure your android phone even if someone has your G-mail password.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification on my Phone?

Everyone faces this situation and they can’t do anything, nor they can track their phone or secure it. When we lost our phone or steal anyone, all of our private data and images can be shared by anyone. They can also blackmail you for your files and they can misuse them. But there is the easiest way where you can track your phone and catch the culprit.

“Find my device” gives you access to ring your smartphone, so you can easily locate your phone. If you are unable to locate your phone so you can easily reset it and can prevent your data from being shared.

How to Track your Phone with the find my device app?

Many people prefer to make their screen lock simply so they use a swipe to unlock. But this is the most common mistake that can make your phone’s data to be misusedd. You should use Pattern, Password or Pinto to unlock your smartphone. Try to make a difficult pattern so anyone can’t open your phone.

When you open your phone via Pattern lock so anyone can see the traces of your pattern on the display and anyone can open it. You should make a hard design Pattern lock.

How to Set Screen lock?

Whenever your Mobile Data is on many apps send you notifications and they try to update every time. It affects your battery life and disturbs you.

Do not sleep by turning on the data connection on your phone as hackers take advantage of the night and they can download unwanted software or apps on your phone. This can cause problems and your personal information can also be stolen.

When your Background Data is on Many apps run in the background and they consume your mobile data. You get notifications from every app like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. You can turn off Background data so it will prevent apps to consume your Mobile Data.

How to Turn off Background Data?

When the charging is over, eject the charger a little earlier. Plug out the charger at 85-90% and you will see a big difference in your battery performance. Don’t charge your phone time after time because the plugs may be defective if you remove and install them again and again.

Install a good quality glass or screen guard on the mobile phone so that there are no scratches on it. You can also put a flip cover or back-cover on it or you can also do laminations.

If you download a movie from pirated websites or download apps and games from websites. They force you to allow notifications from their websites and they can download viruses and malware on your phone.

Don’t download apps and games having a large size. Install only according to the compatibility of your mobile. It can slow down your mobile speed.

Do not keep your mobile in extreme heat or sunlight, this may damage its battery backup. Therefore, you should not keep it in too much heat. Do not keep the mobile phone in very cold or in moisture. The moisture of the atmosphere may cause your mobile to deteriorate.

So, friends, these are some best tips which are very helpful to secure your smartphone. I hope any of the above helped you and you are enjoying Jio Internet without any problem.

We’d like to hear your recommendation of which trick helped you to keep your smartphone secure. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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