Facebook gives up advertising on WhatsApp

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1The news about advertising on WhatsApp is back. Messaging apps seem to ignore this income method, but now everything is turning around after the leak of new information. The latest news on WhatsApp tells us that the company removed all advertising-related code from the app and shut down the team dedicated to this task for several months. Now, we have news about ads arriving on WhatsApp. Of course, there is no company date or official confirmation.

2According to Tech Radar, Zuckerberg has not completely abandoned its plans to implement advertising on WhatsApp. The responsible team is no longer active, although everything may return to normal soon. However, we not only know that Facebook is considering implementing advertising on WhatsApp, but we also know the way to do so.

It seems that when advertisers want to advertise on WhatsApp, they will be able to use the Facebook database to segment their audience. Facebook is one of the companies with the most data about our mobile usage and our behavior on the Internet. This data will be used not only to show you ads on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, but also for WhatsApp.

Facebook hasn't given up on advertising on WhatsApp
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This gives us clues about the types of advertisements we can see on WhatsApp. They will be similar to those currently appearing on the aforementioned social networks. The report only shows that Facebook data is useful for WhatsApp advertisers, but it also provides us with clues about how Facebook manages the ad group.

3In the future, Facebook's business panel is likely to also support WhatsApp as a location for displaying advertisements. At the user level, this means that ads on all platforms will be very similar.


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