How to Bypass YouTube ads

 Let's face it, YouTube ads are not your favorite, but if you don’t need it, you won’t pay for premium memberships, and now you don’t have to thank this super simple bypass method. To bypass YouTube ads, all you have to do is get the URL of any video you want to watch and modify it slightly.

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There is no doubt that this has changed the situation for many users. Especially for those who may not be able to pay for YouTube Premium. But don't care about watching ads (they can be very rampant in some videos). Thanks to a user on Reddit and discovered by Android Police, ads in YouTube videos may be a thing of the past. At least for now.

It's really easy. This may be something that many people did not expect. So this may be a revelation for many users.

To bypass the ad, you only need to add a dot to the URL. The location is of course the key. To make sure that the ad won’t play, click on the YouTube video, or copy and paste its URL into your browser, and put a dot (period) after the .com and before the backslash.

After this, you still need to refresh the page. So there is a small detail that may deter some users. Because it is an extra step. Maybe this is worth the extra step. You can watch the video with peace of mind, without worrying about in-stream ads or any ads at the beginning or end.

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