How to quickly restore a Win10 system

   Many users often have some failures in the computer system, often do not know how to deal with it, and the choice of repairing the system can usually solve most of the problems, then how do we repair the computer system? Let us take a look at you in the editor!

How to quickly restore a Win10 system

  Method 1: 

Use a document checking tool to repair:

  SFC is a Windows file checker that can help users repair part of the important files of the system. It is suitable for Win7/Win8 systems. Use: The system can be opened normally, there are some inexplicable wonderful problems, and troubleshooting of third-party software.

1. Enter CMD in the search bar and open it as an administrator.

2. After opening, click the following command, and then press Enter: SFC / Scannow.

3. The sfc /scannow command will scan all protected system files and replace the damaged files with the cached copy located in the compressed folder of %WinDir%System32dllcache.

  Method 2: 

Use DISM to compare server image files for online repair:

  DISM is mainly used for image deployment management, so when you suspect that the WIN10 system has file damage or loss, please use SFC repair online repair.

  [The administrator runs as follows]:

  dism.exe /online/online/clean-image/ScanHealth

  dism.exe /online/clean-image/restorehealth


  The first command is to scan the entire system files and compare official system files.

  The second order is to restore these different system files to the source files of the system, which are similar to enhancements.

  Method 3: 

System reset:

  Open System Settings-Update and Security-Recovery-Reset this computer. (When the system cannot be entered, repeat the shutdown twice within two minutes. When the logo is activated, it is forced to press the power button for more than 5 seconds until it shuts down, and it will automatically enter this mode the third time.)



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