How to use Applepay to pay for Apple phones

 Technology, digital, and Internet news have now become hot topics of public concern, because in our lives these are already relevant everywhere, whether it is a mobile phone, a computer, or a smart watch. It's all related, so today I also recommend an article about the digital direction of Internet technology for everyone, I hope you will like it.

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1Apple pay is a payment method exclusive to Apple mobile phones. It is similar to a card package. Put some bank cards in your mobile phone, and it will not involve the management and liquidation of funds, nor will it participate in it. In the transaction between buyers and sellers, whether online or offline, they can freely conduct transactions, and these payment information are very confidential. After losing the phone, Find my iPhone can turn off the payment function in the phone, so what? How to use apple pay for payment?

2As shown in the figure, after finding the wallet or wallet APP in the mobile phone, after clicking to enter, there will be added words on the next page. Follow the prompts and click the Continue button to add a bank card.

3There are three ways to add credit and debit cards. When registering an account, the bank card in hand will be used as the default recharge account, and the bank card number can be directly entered through the camera or manually. Just follow the steps. After the operation, you will receive a short message from the bank. After the verification is passed, the card will be successfully activated.

4The overall operation steps are divided into wallet-add-continue-credit or debit card, after entering, verify the activation. You can successfully use apple pay to pay.

5Apple pay is a wired payment method and an offline payment method. When using offline, there is no need to open any app, and there is no need to wake up the screen. Just put the Apple mobile phone close to the POS machine and put your finger on the Touch ID. . Just make a payment. For online payment, you need to double-click the home button to enter the wallet and make a purchase.

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