Huawei Hongmeng System is Compatible With Android

 On June 2nd, Hongmeng received a huge response once it came out, and the Pollen Club was once squeezed to collapse. And only 7 days after the advent of the Hongmeng system, the equipment equipped with Hongmeng has rapidly increased to 10 million units, which is enough to show the enthusiasm of the public.

Huawei Hongmeng System

So, how does the Hongmeng system perform? Many users have given experience.

First, higher fluency is the intuitive feeling of many pollen after upgrading the Hongmeng system.

After upgrading the Hongmeng system, the equipment runs more smoothly, and the transition animation is more natural, not simply "silly and fast".

Moreover, Hongmeng does not kill the background, and multiple software runs equally smoothly. Huawei said that even the old equipment can become smooth again after upgrading the Hongmeng system.

Second, the cost of learning is low.

The current version of Hongmeng system is compatible with Android, so after upgrading Hongmeng, the Android application can continue to run, and user data will not be lost. Moreover, the operation logic of Hongmeng remains unchanged, and users can easily get started.

This has effectively reduced the user's learning cost, allowing users to transition from Android to Hongmeng system without knowing it.

Third, break the ecological barriers of the Internet of Things from the bottom system.

The distributed capability of Hongmeng system is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot of Hongmeng. Under the communication of the Hongmeng system, there seems to be no barriers between terminals such as tablets, mobile phones, computers, and smart TVs. As a result, the work efficiency of users is rapidly improved, and life becomes more convenient.

Although Hongmeng is good, it is still immature and there are still some problems. It can be seen from user feedback that battery life is a major disadvantage of the Hongmeng system.

In the Pollen Club, many users complained that after upgrading Hongmeng, the battery life of their mobile phones has significantly deteriorated, which affects the user experience.

For this question, Huawei terminal customers answered on June 12. Huawei officially stated that this is because the system will undergo a series of free adaptations after the upgrade, which will increase the background power consumption, which will return to normal after 2-3 days of normal use.

At the same time, the official also gave a solution, which is to charge for more than 1 hour in idle time. During this time, the mobile phone system will optimize itself to allow the mobile application to complete the adaptation faster.

The official reply undoubtedly gave the public a reassurance that the increase in mobile phone power consumption after the upgrade is not a problem of the system itself, but the only way to optimize the adaptation.

Many users also said that after a few days of upgrading, the battery life of the phone has returned to normal. Some users said that the endurance of mobile phones has been improved. From this point of view, Huawei's official statement is true.

Judging from the feedback from the public, the overall performance of the Hongmeng system is surprising, and it is also expected that Hongmeng will be more mature and give everyone a better experience.

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