iPhone 13 Has The Largest Battery Capacity

 I believe that there are fans who continue to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day. One of the most important events in the mobile phone circle every year is the new iPhone that is updated every year. No, Apple is going to release the iPhone 13 this year. , So the news about the iPhone 13 series has not been interrupted this year. Recently, some foreign media have said that Samsung and LG are already producing screens for the iPhone 13, and the iPhone 13 is getting closer and closer to us. Now Mingmei is here to sort out the various statements about the iPhone 13 during this period.

iPhone 13

First of all, in terms of appearance, Apple has always been complaining about the appearance of the front notch design. When mobile phones now generally use single digging to reduce screen occupancy, Apple still insists on choosing notch, but according to the news Although the iPhone 13 series did not change Liu Haiping, the design of the front Liu Haiping has become very small, and the screen occupancy rate has decreased. Recently, Apple has released a purple iPhone 12 that is very popular, so in terms of color matching, iPhone 13 has been exposed with a new rose pink color, which is very suitable for a macho. I personally look forward to it very much.

Then comes the photography aspect. Judging from the latest news, the VCM, which was previously only used on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be carried on the entire iPhone 13 series this time, because the VCM supplier has been told that the output needs to be increased by 30% to 40% to meet the requirements. Apple's needs. And this VCM is used to achieve displacement optical image stabilization, which means that with this configuration, whether you are taking pictures while exercising or taking pictures in a car on rugged roads, you can get a clear picture.

Then, as a new generation product, the iPhone 13 will naturally be equipped with Apple's latest A15 processor, which will directly reserve the strongest on the surface. In addition, the A15 will most likely use the 5nm TSMC process to further reduce power consumption.

In addition to the normal iterative update, this time the iPhone 13 will also be upgraded in terms of screens. It is reported that Samsung and LG Display have begun to produce OLED panels for the iPhone 13 series of mobile phones. The iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max screens are produced by Samsung and support 120Hz refresh rate.

There is no need to say more about the fluency of iOS, and it is still ahead of other friends in animation processing, but today when Android manufacturers are paying attention to the refresh rate, the fluency of Android phones is no longer what it used to be.

You know, iPhone so far has not a mobile phone that supports high brushes. This time, the 120Hz iPhone 13 combined with the upcoming iOS 15 will definitely bring you a flying experience!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Mingmei Unlimited today is that Apple will increase the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 series to improve battery life.

This is not according to the news sent by the digital blogger on June 1st that the suspected iPhone 13 series battery access information was exposed.

Network access information shows that the three battery models are A2653, A2656 and A2660.

The battery capacity is 4352mAh, 3095mAh and 2406mAh, and the battery manufacturer comes from Xinwangda.

It is speculated that the three battery models are from the four iPhone 13 models.

Among them, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be equipped with a 4352mAh battery, and the current battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 3687mAh.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will be equipped with 3095mAh batteries. The current battery capacity of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is 2815mAh.

The iPhone 13 mini will be equipped with a 2406mAh battery. The current battery capacity of the iPhone 12 mini is 2227mAh.

The battery capacity of the iPhone 13 series will be increased in an all-round way, especially the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have the largest increase. The battery capacity has exceeded 4000mAh for the first time.

However, the iPhone 13 series will use a battery with a larger capacity than the iPhone 12 series. It is only a disclosure by the person who broke the news. It is not a news announced by Apple. As for the final battery capacity and battery life of the iPhone 13 series, it will be announced after the release. .

Then the battery capacity increases, will the battery life of the phone definitely increase? This is not inevitable. The key depends on the updates and changes in other configurations of the iPhone 13. For example, if the new generation A15 processor has a higher frequency, or the Apple iPhone 13 uses a higher brush and high-resolution screen, or the 5G communication rate is stronger, it will actually increase the power consumption.

In fact, looking back at many product updates in history, unless there are major chip technology upgrades, it is good for a new generation of products to gain performance improvements while smoothing out the simultaneous increase in power consumption, so for the true battery life of Apple iPhone 13. , It is not too early to draw a conclusion.

In addition, Guo Mingqi also broke the news before that, thanks to many designs that save component space, the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 series is larger than that of the iPhone 12 series, and the overall weight is slightly heavier than that of the iPhone 12.

The battery life of the iPhone has always been complained by many fans. For some users who need to turn on the iPhone frequently, charging once a day is indispensable.

Earlier, Apple managed to greatly increase the battery capacity in the iPhone 11 series, but it reversed the iPhone 12 series last year. The iPhone 12 series battery is much lower than the iPhone 11 series. I hope that this year’s iPhone 13 series will be even better. Last longer~

However, the factor that affects the battery life of the iPhone is not only the battery capacity, but the battery capacity is only the most basic guarantee. The battery life of the iPhone will also be affected by the efficiency of the chip and other components and the iOS system.

For example, after the release of the official version of iOS 14.6, many users reported that the power consumption was faster. After testing by foreign media, it was indeed found that the official version of iOS 14.6 did not last as long as the previous official version of iOS 14.5.1.

But now Apple has closed the verification channel for the official version of iOS 14.5.1. Now we can’t upgrade or downgrade to this version. Don’t try to flash the device and you will get an error.

If the battery life of iOS 14.6 is indeed a system problem, Apple should solve this problem in a subsequent update of iOS 14.6.

In addition, in addition to the battery capacity exposure, according to the latest report released by foreign media, this year’s iPhone 13 series models will have more versions supporting 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology, and these models will account for more than 50%. .

It is reported that new regions supporting 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology may include some European countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

Currently, only the US version of the iPhone 12 series supports both 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) and centimeter wave (sub-6GHz) functions, and other regional versions only support 5G centimeter wave (sub-6GHz).

In addition, the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with a new Qualcomm X60 5G baseband. Compared with the previous generation X55 baseband, not only the power consumption is lower, but the 5G network performance will also be further improved.

It is reported that the brand-new iPhone 13 series will continue to be unveiled in September this year. If not surprisingly, the screen upgrade will become the biggest part of this machine upgrade, and its price will also rise at the same time. The top version is expected to exceed 15,000. The price of yuan has become the most expensive iPhone in history. More detailed information, we will wait and see.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: Judging from the currently known news, the iPhone 13 series not only complements the shortcomings of the iPhone 12, but will also bring many surprises. Apple really responded to the "Thirteen Fragrance" stem.

In view of the fact that the iPhone 13 series has many improvements over the iPhone 12, after the release of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 series will probably be "eliminated" soon.

Mingmei infinitely expands specifically, after the release of iPhone 12, it unexpectedly created a sales myth. Seeing that the iPhone 13 conference is coming soon, Cook is also in constant action here, and the iPhone product that has never been reduced in price, this time it is said that it will also join the camp of the domestic 618 event.

The reason why Cook would do this is to make way for the iPhone 13 and clear the inventory. This year’s iPhone 13 will not be postponed without accident, because now Apple’s supply chain has been restored, but India’s factories have been affected by the epidemic, and the decline in production capacity is indeed true, so this year’s iPhone 13 is likely to become a popular product.

In summary, Apple now has the strength to provide users with a flagship product with an excellent experience, and the iPhone 13 must also be given high hopes by Cook. In addition to the performance, appearance and camera that users value, it needs to work hard, and finally if it can Adhere to reasonable pricing, it should be a proper "Thirteen Fragrance".

Although there are still more than three months before Apple’s new product launch, news about Apple’s iPhone 13 has been spreading, and we will see more news about iPhone 13 in the future.

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