Microsoft Allows OEMs to Ship Windows 11

 Microsoft insists that the TPM 2.0 chip is the basic requirement of Windows 11 , but it turns out that original equipment manufacturers actually have a lot of flexibility. Tom's Hardware reviewed Microsoft's 16-page " Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements" document (  PDF  ) and pointed out:


It stated that Microsoft will allow "OEMs for special-purpose commercial systems, custom orders, and customer systems with custom images" to ship the system without enabling TPM support.

It is worth noting that some countries such as China and Russia do not allow TPM to be attached to any system at all. This line clearly shows that TPM on Windows 11 is more like a choice made by Microsoft than a necessity of an operating system. Cannot exist.

Although we understand Microsoft’s motivation to start again, this decision may result in a lot of waste of hardware and time, because users abandon well-functioning hardware, which is a bad decision for a so-called environmental company.

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