New AirPods Sensors For Windows 11

 According to reports, Apple’s vice president of technology Kevin Lynch hinted in an interview that Apple may one day integrate sensors with AirPods to provide customers with more health data.

New AirPods Sensors For Windows 11

At present, both iPhone and Apple Watch use various sensors to independently provide users with health data and information. In addition, Apple has also adopted sensor fusion to combine the sensor data on the Apple Watch and iPhone to provide users with more comprehensive health information. Lynch hinted in an interview with TechCrunch that Apple may add AirPods to the "sensor fusion" process to provide Apple users with more health data.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo once revealed that Apple plans to introduce health tracking features for AirPods. And recently, Bloomberg’s Mark Gelman reported that the second-generation AirPods Pro, scheduled to be released next year, will include “updated motion sensors with a focus on fitness tracking.”

Cook said: The number of Android malware is 47 times that of iOS

Cook said at an event that the number of Android malware is 47 times more than that of iOS.

Apple Leader

Cook explained why there is such a big gap between iOS and Android. The reason is that our iOS has only one "App Store", and all applications must undergo strict censorship before entering the store.

Cook's remarks may be a defense for the App Store's high rake.

Cook attended the VivaTech conference on Wednesday, and expressed his views on the draft of the "Digital Services Act" issued by the European Commission. Cook said that the current regulatory changes in Europe will "undermine the security of the iPhone."

"The draft of the Digital Services Act currently under discussion will force sideloading (that is, bypassing the Apple App Store to install) on the iPhone. This will become an extreme way to install applications on the iPhone, which will undermine the iPhone’s security and damage. We have many privacy measures or privacy intrusion tags and application tracking transparency built into the iPhone." Cook said.

Windows 11 image leaked, UI changes are very big:

There have been a lot of news about the next generation of Windows recently. What is more interesting is that a few days ago, Microsoft was still madly suggesting that the name of the next generation of Windows will be Windows 11. Now the mirror of Windows 11 has been leaked. Not only has the name Windows 11 been confirmed, but the UI design of Windows 11 has also been fully exposed.

The UI of Windows 11 has changed a lot this time. Although it is officially said to cancel Windows 10X, it feels like Windows 11 is modified on the basis of Windows 10X. First, the Windows icons have become more square, and secondly, the taskbar icons are centered by default. For those who are familiar with Windows, it is no longer possible to blindly spot the Start menu. Of course, the position of the icon can be customized.

Start Menu:

Windows 11

Resource manager:

Windows 11

In addition, the start menu has been greatly simplified, the tile design has been replaced by icons, and the start menu has also become a "floating" design. The four corners of the window have become more rounded, and the icons in the library have also been updated. In fact, apart from these UI changes, the entire operating logic of Windows 11 is still consistent with that of Windows 10, giving people a feeling of changing the skin of Windows 10.

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