NxO Nik Collection Full 2022

Nik Collection 2022 is a very useful image processing software, suitable for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software. It contains a total of 8 plug-ins, through which users can easily implement functions such as image modification, color adjustment, noise reduction, filtering, and sharpening.


NxO Nik Collection Full 2022 

In addition, all plug-ins include unique U-point control technology, which can be selectively adjusted and edited according to your needs. The ability to change the area of ​​the photo with unbelievable accuracy is designed to provide users with the most comprehensive production control and the most creative tools. 

Nik Collection 2022 supports local fine-tuning of files, support for display, and DxO optical adjustment tools. Use the most advanced light principle to adjust, including lack of clarity, dizziness, chromatic aberration and distortion. These unique functions help to show every detail in the original document, quickly refine the picture through the built-in tools, modify only the part that needs to be processed in the picture through the u-point technology, and make wonderful partial adjustments to the picture without wasting time In the complex mask and selection, greatly improve the efficiency of later work.

Installation tutorial:

1. Download and unzip on this site to get the installation package and patch folder.
2. Double-click to run "Nik_Collection_4_byDxO.exe", and enter the installation wizard, by default Languge.

3. Follow the prompts to proceed to the next step and choose to agree to the license agreement.

4 Install according to the default directory.

5. The software will automatically select compatible software. Of course, you can also choose according to your needs, as shown in the figure below.
6. Start the installation until the installation is complete.

7. Check the following directory: C:\ProgramData\DxO Labs\Licenses, delete the "demo.lic" file.

8. Copy all files in the patch folder to the software installation directory and replace; the
default directory [C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection】

9. Open the Ps software, you can see that you can use it for free.



a set of filters used to correct and retouch colors and achieve the original effect. Powerful and versatile.
Access 55 high-quality photographic filters for incredible photographic effects. Color Efex Pro is famous for its powerful functions and versatility. Years of imaging research and development and feedback from customers around the world have made it powerful and unparalleled in control. Perfect for all styles of photography, each filter provides controls to satisfy discerning photographers.


dominated by the art of dark and white photography, and the darkness develops the control of the camera. Powerful integrated black and white workflow
with dozens of visual presets as a starting point. If you like what you see, it's done. If you want to go further, use a series of global controls such as brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, film type, hue, etc. to make your image. You will find that although black and white photography has a history of nearly 200 years, Silver Efex Pro provides you with the best legacy through an easy-to-use tool, plus new features, you can do more than ever . what will you do?


selectively adjusts the color and tone of the image without masks or complicated choices. Powerful and stunning precision to
create excellent photography requires mastery of color and light. Viveza uses patented UPoint® technology, which allows photographers of any skill level to use innovative tools designed to increase speed and efficiency to quickly enhance images. From precise selective enhancement using U Point power control points to adjustments that enhance the entire image, Viveza can help you spend more time taking photos and will permanently change the way you edit photos.


explores the look and feel of classic cameras, film and lenses. Get more classic cameras at your fingertips
Get the photos you are looking for, even if you do not own the device. Let effects inspired by traditional cameras take you back to the retro era of photo development. Choose from 10 different tool combinations and apply effects easily, or use the camera kit to mix and match your favorite simulation features.


Discover all the possibilities offered by HDR photography. Exclusive algorithm
By combining multiple proprietary tone mapping algorithms, HDR Efex Pro can support any unique look you choose for a particular image. You can add realistic, subtle touches to landscapes or indoor scenes, or you can also choose artistic presets and add structure to create a truly unique look. There are no restrictions on using HDR Efex Pro.


uses the image sharpening tool used by professionals to evenly display the most hidden details. Selective grinding with UPOINT® technology U Point power control allows you to selectively and precisely control sharpness and detail in the image without complicated selection or layer masks. Automatically and naturally blend enhancements in your images for amazing results.


improves your image with the noise reduction function suitable for your camera. The noise reduction engine with automatic contour
Dfine deceleration engine provides best-in-class noise reduction while retaining incredible detail. The automatic camera profile replaces the need to purchase a camera profile and fine-tunes Dfine's improved noise reduction engine to produce the best results for your camera.


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