Readiris Corporate_17.4.126

 Readiris Corporate 17 is an excellent and professional text recognition tool that can dial powerful recognition effects and use effects. The software is convenient for friends and has excellent functions. At the same time, the software supports multiple languages, 128 different languages ​​can be recognized, the effect is very good The description is very clear, the text and other descriptions are very clear, and there is also an excellent performance effect!

Readiris Corporate_17.4.126

Readiris Corporate 17 software description:

Readiris Corporate is a very practical and professional text OCR recognition software. The function of this software is very powerful, it supports almost all the languages ​​in the world, and 128 languages ​​, Japanese, Korean, etc. are all captured. The software supports scanning paper, pictures, PDF files, etc. into editable text, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of users. Of course, after scanning, if the user wants to typeset these words carefully, the software will also provide the user with typesetting tools, so that the user can easily restore the text content for typesetting. And the software also has functions such as converting all documents to PDF, protecting and signing PDF, output document format, listening to books and other files in the required format, Cloud connector and so on. And the interface of the software is very simple, the operation is also very simple, but the function is very powerful. This time the editor brings the Readiris Corporate  version, and the following is a very detailed graphic installing process, users in need quickly come to this site to download the experience.

Readiris Corporate 17 feature highlights:

1. Convert files, images or PDFs into editable text
1. No need to re-enter any text. Readiris can help you convert all files, images or PDF files into editable digital text
. 2. With a new OCR engine, the speed is faster than before Faster and more accurate
2. Create a searchable PDF file
1. Convert standard documents, images and PDF files into a PDF file with a complete index and keyword search
2. New format and superior compression technology
3. Anytime Access your files anywhere
1. Automatically upload your files to your favorite cloud storage service, so that you can access it anywhere
2. New cloud connection point
4. Scan files from any scanner
Use Readiris’ embedded scanning wizard to import your documents from any scanner.
5. Convert files, images or PDFs to editable documents.
Readiris’s award-winning OCR technology is recognized as the most accurate solution to transfer any paper document, The image or PDF is converted into an editable and searchable data file (Word, Excel, PDF...). The OCR engine embedded in the new multi-core processor provides better accuracy and speed than ever.
6. Upload your documents to the cloud
1. Convert your documents to any format, and then click to convert them Upload to your favorite cloud storage service. The documents you store can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone
2. Readiris is compatible with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Diver? and

Readiris Corporate 17 software advantages:

1. The software provides a complete method to easily create, modify and sign PDF

① Convert all documents to PDF
Use it to quickly capture documents and convert them into editable PDF files, easily manage documents.
②Annotate and comment on PDF
provides a set of tools for additional annotations, annotations and hypertext lines. You can click to access additional documents, which is ideal for collaboration.
③Protecting and signing your PDFs
There is nothing easier than simply signing and protecting your PDFs in order to send them electronically.
Readiris Corporate , a complete smart OCR solution, allows you to convert PDFs, images and texts in images or scanned documents, and edit them in the format of your choice: Word, Excel, PowerPoint or indexed PDF.
①Choose to convert the output document format
software to realize the digitization and conversion of paper documents with one click, and to create accurate text with just a few clicks.
②Using OCR to edit the embedded text
optical character recognition engine in the image allows you to restore the text in various files with perfect accuracy, retaining the original format of various source or target file formats.
③Listen to your books and other files in the format you want. The
software converts all your files into audio files (.mp3, .wav) for easy and accurate reading.
You can listen to audio files on any device (tablet, smartphone or desktop) and define the audio format used when opening the file (Window Media Player, etc.).

Readiris Corporate 17 software features:

1. Convert all documents to PDF
Use Readiris 17 for Windows to quickly capture documents and convert them into editable PDFs, and manage documents easily.
2. Annotate and comment on PDFs.
Readiris 17 is ideal for collaboration. It provides a set of tools to attach notes, comments, and hypertext lines. You can click on these files to access additional documents.
3. Protecting and signing PDFs
There is nothing easier than being able to simply sign and protect PDFs for electronic sending.
4. Select the format of the converted output document
to digitize and convert paper documents into multiple formats with one click, and create accurate text with just a few clicks.
5. Use OCR to edit the text embedded in the image. The
optical character recognition engine enables you to restore the text in various files with perfect accuracy and retain the original format of various source files or target file formats.

Readiris Corporate 17 install tutorial:

1. Download and decompress on this site, and get the original program and patch of readiris corporate 17.3;

2. First, double-click to run "Readiris-17-cd20n022.exe", the simplified language is selected by default;

3. Accept the software installation agreement and select the installation type. Here, the editor selects the default option to install;

4. After the installation is complete, click the [Finish] button to exit;

5. Next, double-click to run the ReadIRIS_v17_kg.exe program in the Keygen folder, and a license file lservrc will be automatically generated in the same level directory;

6. Copy the generated license file lservrc to the default path for replacement; the

default path [C:\ProgramData\Readiris17]

7. Okay, the software has been running perfectly. The above is the detailed installation tutorial for the readiris corporate 17.4.126 version.

Readiris Corporate 17 comments:

A very easy-to-use and powerful optical recognition OCR software, which can recognize a total of 128 characters and languages! Help you scan the text elements of paper, PDF files, and image files into text; powerful recognition capabilities and rich font libraries can make the recognition rate reach more than 98%. With multi-manuscript processing function, multiple documents are scanned and recognized together, and stored as Word document format to retain the original layout, which is convenient for secondary processing.

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