Recuva V1.53 Full Version 2021

 Recuva Full Edition is a particularly good tool for recovering computer data. I believe many people have experienced accidentally deleting more important files on their computers by mistake. 

Recuva V1.53  Full Version

So, how do you generally do it? The editor can recommend a data recovery tool. The function of this software is also very good. It can recover office files, hard disks, compressed files, flash disks, media files, mobile phones, memory cards, SD cards, U disks and other external devices. 

Data is lost, and the software can retrieve files deleted by mistake very quickly. Of course, the operation of the software is also very simple, because when you open the software interface, there will be an operation guide in it. You only need to follow its operation steps, just a few simple steps, and you will quickly retrieve the lost files. 

After scanning by the software, you can quickly find the files that were deleted by mistake, but the premise is that the hard disk/disk partition where the files are deleted by mistake has not been repeatedly written with data, so when you find that the files have been deleted by mistake, you must first Use Recuva to retrieve it for a while. Friends in need can come to this site to download and use!

Software features:

app is a free file recovery tool produced by Piriform, which can directly recover data on hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards (such as SD cards, MMC cards, etc.). The software inherits the compact, green, and powerful features of Piriform products! Recuva supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems.
After scanning by the software, you can retrieve the files you deleted by mistake, provided that this sector of the disk has not been repeatedly written or shredded by some permanent file deletion tools, so when you find that the files have been deleted by mistake, you must immediately Scan and retrieve it with Recuva.

Software function:

1. The software supports data recovery of a variety of storage devices.
2. It can analyze the lost data in local computer storage devices.
3. Supports computer location analysis such as C drive and D drive.
4. You can also find the specified location to scan.
5. You can also choose Scan the memory card, connect the memory card to the computer to establish a recovery.
6. U disk, mobile phone memory card and other devices can be scanned in the software.
7. Also open to restore the device on the iPod, find the lost content.
8. Find all Deleted files on removable disks (except CDs and floppy disks).
9, My Documents, search for user documents folder.
10. Search for deleted files in the recycle bin.

Software advantage:

Picture: only display picture files such as digital photos
Music: only display music files, such as MP3 player music files
Documents: only display public office document formats, such as Word and Excel files
Video: only display video files such as
compressed clips taken by digital cameras : Only show compressed file
emails: Only show Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Microsoft Outlook emails.

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