Samsung Buds Pro Without Noise!

 Although the design of the phone box is still inspired by its immediate predecessor, Buds Live, the new headset has abandoned the "bean" format. This change in the product body directly implies the type of noise cancellation it provides.

Samsung Buds Pro Without Noise!

Although only the provided Galaxy Buds Live is supported on the ears, Buds Pro uses the ear canal for self-fixation, bringing more of this positive physical seal to improve the noise cancellation effect. The in-ear fit also increases the safety of the earplugs.

Galaxy Buds Pro has two speakers in each module, a 6.5mm tweeter for treble, and an 11mm woofer for bass and midrange. Each headset has three microphones, one is built in the ear canal to capture sound, and the other is built in the external ear canal.

With IPX7 waterproof certification (1 meter of water for 30 minutes), Galaxy Buds Live promises to block 99% of external noise, and has an adjustable function that can understand surrounding sounds and reduce music when talking with others, examples

In order to perfect these functions, 360 Audio can bring a more realistic experience, allowing you to feel the sound coming from all directions. In this case, the battery life is up to 18 hours, and five hours of continuous music playback.

Through the Samsung application, you can also use the Smart Things Find geographic location service to locate the phone.

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