Solve Windows 11 Problems

 Clicking on this article of IT Home defaults that you are capable of dealing with data loss and operating system crashes, and based on the author's 6 hours of use, Windows 11 is stable.

Windows 11

So stop talking nonsense and start straight.

0. Activation issues

If your Windows has a digital right to activate, then under normal circumstances, after upgrading Windows 11, the system will be automatically activated. So before upgrading, find a way to get a digital sign. The system that got the digital sign can be seen in Settings-Update and Security-Activation (the version may differ):

1. TPM 2.0 support issues

To put it simply, TPM 2.0 requires chip and BIOS/UEFI firmware support. This is a hardware limitation. There are official Microsoft documents describing this issue. Interested friends can click on the article at the end of the paragraph to learn more. TPM recommendations

Solution: Do not use traditional installation methods, known feasible methods include:

Use the installer in the Windows 10 installation image to install Windows 11-Replace the file with the same name in the Windows 10 installation image with source/install.wim in the Windows 11 image, and then use the setup.exe in the Windows 10 installation image to install (it is recommended Download the latest stable version of Microsoft Win10 21H1 official version of the official ISO image download Daquan)

Use the Windows installation tool in WinPE

In addition, there may be incompatibility caused by some users who have turned off the TPM in the BIOS settings or the BIOS firmware version is too low. It is recommended to troubleshoot by yourself.

2. The installation of the  language pack fails, which leads to frequent pop-ups

Solution: Delete the language pack (Settings-Time & Language-, and only keep the English language pack (as shown below).

Then install any Other language input method you like.

If you like the one that comes with Windows, then I’m sorry, I suggest you don’t install Windows 11 now. Repeated pop-ups are annoying.

3. After the upgrade and installation, some device drivers are wrong

Solution: Under normal circumstances, just overwrite and install the driver. The graphics card driver may need to be reinstalled. Intel Core Display recommends downloading DSA (as shown below) to check the driver version.

4. After the upgrade and installation, the wallpaper is not retained

Solution: Save the wallpaper before upgrading and reset it after upgrading. (Lesson of blood and tears, the author made the wallpaper by myself and didn't save it beforehand...)

5. Other precautions

Upgrade installation cannot save applications, but very few applications may survive. (The author only saw one)

The time zone may be wrong after the upgrade installation, you need to change it yourself.

After the upgrade and installation, some Windows 10 built-in apps may disappear (such as Paint 3D), and you can go to the store to download them.

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