Tekla Structures 2021 Environment (x64)

 Tekla Structures 2021 is the most practical 2D and 3D modeling software for BIM. It can create, combine, manage and share multi-material 3D models containing construction data. Tekla Structures can be used for design. Detailing and data management from concept planning to fabrication and on-site construction.

Tekla Structures 2021 SP2 + Environment (x64) 

Tekla Structures allows you to create accurate, data-rich 3D models. It contains all the structured data for building and managing structures. The Tekla model is a very practical model as it can reach LOD 500, the highest development level today. A model with a high LOD (development level), constructible reduces the problem of unexpected costs, RFI (Request for Information) and results for a more profitable project. You can import, export, and link your data to a software solution. digital construction tools and other processing machine.


  • Simplify the creation of object lists with the new list manager
  • Clarify numbering, marking and documentation with Curved & Similar Rebar Grouping
  • Quickly understand rebar spacing and modifiers with the new Follow Edges functionality.
  • Easily Update Drawing Specific Layouts
  • Express your project intent with the new Trimble Connect Visualizer.
  • Save Time and Money with the Fit Objects Extension
  • Take advantage of the New Shape Catalog to keep track of imported shapes.
  • Experience enhanced solid object handling
  • Take advantage of the new Copy/Move preview
  • Access to drawings is easier than ever before.
  • Improvements in drawing associativity
  • New options for bolts
  • Easier editing of identical assemblies and cast units with Batch editing
  • Quickly identify the graphic card you are using.
  • Take advantage of the new Instructor Pane for self learning
  • See model changes with Overlay model improvements
  • Drawing annotations in Trimble Connect 3D web viewer
  • Capitalize on improvements in precast interoperability
  • New extension to combine IFC 2×3 with BVBS
  • Enjoy improvements in the Stacker & Palletizer Tools
  • Optimize your material usage with new Rebar Nesting
  • 'Upload model' in Trimble Connect Now Supports pours and gridlines
  • More flexibility in detailing stairs
  • Enhanced crane tool
  • New way of modeling concrete stairs
  • Renewed slab and plate splitter Available in Tekla Structures 2021
  • Navisworks and Revit import available as reference files (extension)
  • New Scaffolding tool (extension) offers brand new functionality to Tekla Structures 2021.
  • Explore the new Pour performance improvements
  • New tool available for panelizing insulation in a wall
  • And more.

System Requirements:

Windows 8.1 / 10 (64-bit – all editions) 
CPU : Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 3+ GHz or Better 
RAM : 16 GB + 
HDD : 10 GB + 
Display : 2560x1440 pixels or Higher 
GPU : Two monitor support eg NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/2080.

File Information:

HomePage : www.tekla.com 
License : Trial
 Software Version : 2021 SP2
 File Name : TKS.2021.SP2.Incl.Env.x64.rar
 File Size : 4.56 GB 
File Type : *.rar
Server : Google Drive
Upload date : 20/06/2021
 Last modified : 20/06/2021
Password : sbz



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