Why Google adsense automatic ads are not effective

 After the automatic advertisement is activated on google adsense (Google ads) , it is not actually displayed on the website, and it has no effect.

Google adsense

The reason:

This is the case for matching content issues and crawlers not finding a suitable place to inject the ad unit . So just wait a few days. Advertisements placed within 2 days of the additional new account cannot be displayed. This is a new policy previously changed by Google.


First of all, make sure that the ad code has been inserted on the web page.

In the end, just wait for it to display.

So the best solution is to manually add an ad first: ad unit -> create a new ad unit. Then wait two or three days for automatic ads to be displayed. Because automatic advertising needs to crawl your website, find the right place, add the right type of advertising, this time is related to the content and structure of the website.


The following are all about automatic advertising, Adsense Auto Ads.

It is a new ad unit and the best Ad ad unit in Adsense so far, because it is fully automated and very simple, in fact it will not make you work hard to think about what ads are to be placed on your website/blog position. You just need to put an ad code on your website and delete all old ad placements, that's all you need to do. The new automatic advertising is very smart, so it knows the best placement of your website theme and automatically displays ads in the best location. Through continuous machine learning, it will become smarter and smarter.

Some of the benefits of automatic advertising include:

Optimize the experience: Using machine learning, automatic ads only show ads when they are likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.

Increase revenue: Automatic ads will identify any available advertising space and place new ads in it, which may increase your revenue.

Easy to use: With automatic ads, you only need to place the ad code on the web page once. When you are ready to use the new features and ad formats, you can turn them on and off with the touch of a switch-no need to change the code again.

There are two main types of ads in the automatic ad settings , as follows:

1. In-page ads:

Text ads and display ads: an easy way to display banner ads on webpages. This kind of ads are widely used, generally appearing in the header and footer, or the top, middle and bottom of the article, or between the content of the comment or the sidebar, etc.

Information flow advertisements: Native advertisements placed in information flows (such as articles or product lists), which generally appear on the article classification list page or the blog layout page on the homepage.

In-article ads: Native ads that are perfectly integrated between the paragraphs of the webpage, appearing between the paragraphs of a long article;

Matched ads: Native ads that can combine ads with recommended content from the website, generally appearing below the mobile footer.

2. Overlay ads:

Anchor ads: mobile ads that are permanently displayed on the edge of the user’s screen.

Interspersed ads: Full-screen mobile ads displayed between page loads on your website.

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