Windows 11 Pro leaked iso

The Windows 11 screenshots that suddenly appear on the Internet are actually all from a leaked Windows 11 Build 21996.1 Dev version ISO image. Windows 11 build 21996.1 is installed in the virtual machine. You might as well take a look at the system screenshots first.

Windows 11 Pro leaked iso

Microsoft officially announced in the early morning of June 3rd, Beijing time, that Microsoft's latest event will be held at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on June 24, and the new Windows system will be announced .

Microsoft CEO Satir · Nadella (Satya Nadella) and CPO Panos Pana Yi (Panos Panay) will all attend the event.


  Nadella shared at the recent Build 2021 event: "We will soon share one of the most important updates to Windows in the past decade, opening up greater economic opportunities for developers and creators. In the past few months Here, I have always been very excited about the upcoming next generation of Windows. We promise: We will create more opportunities for every Windows developer today, and welcome every developer who is looking for the latest and innovative platform. "


In recent months, Microsoft has been developing a new app store for Windows, and there are rumors that Microsoft will open its store to all apps and rival payment platforms.


At the same time, Microsoft also confirmed last month that it will no longer release Windows 10X, an operating system originally built for dual-screen devices. Some visual elements of the system will simply be integrated into Windows 10.


> Will the new Windows system update the UI as rumored, or even the new Windows logo? Let us wait and see.

Windows 11 Pro Features:

A near-final edition of the Windows 11 with build number 21996.1 was leaked on a Chinese forum site. The leak not only confirms the moniker of the device but also reveals its new UI and features.
The leaked Windows 11 ISO reveals that the new operating system is not significantly different from Windows 10 in terms of design. However, there are many noticeable changes in the UI throughout the OS such as rounded corners, new animations, colorful icons, and a cleaner experience. Right off the bat, the user interface of the Windows 11 looks almost identical to the now-defunct Windows 10X.

What's Included in this Build?
- Windows 11 Home
- Windows 11 Home N
- Windows 11 Home single language
- Windows 11 Education
- Windows 11 Education N
- Windows 11 Pro
- Windows 11 Pro N
- Windows 11 Pro Education
- Windows 11 Pro Education N
- Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
- Windows 11 Pro N for Workstations

The Start Menu and icons are now placed at the center of the taskbar. Users who do not want it at the center can use a toggle provided in the setting to move it to the left corner of the taskbar. The Live Tiles have been replaced by pinned apps and recently accessed files in the Start Menu.

It features slide-out widgets for weather, news, and other content from the internet. The maximize button on all apps has a snap controls function that offers a couple of options to snap windows in different sections or side by side. It features new built-in themes and an enhanced dark mode. While there have been reports that Microsoft is working on a new store for apps, the Windows Store available in the leaked Windows 11 build is almost the same as what is available on Windows 10.

Users should note that the leaked Windows 11 ISO (build number 21996.1) is a near-final version. Hence, Microsoft is expected to add more features once it is announced.

Since It is a leaked and not a stable version some bugs and issues are expected. It is advised to install it on Virtual Machine.

Instructions and Activator are provided in the files

Note - The Build ISO is tested with Malwarebytes

And for the activator, you can check below

Windows 11 Pro Installation:

This version is probably an early version of Windows 11. The installation experience is pleasant. The introduction of more light colors and new design languages ​​makes the vision a lot softer, instead of the dazzling we are used to in Windows 8 and 10. Dark blue and black.

It seems that Microsoft has not ignored the leaked information. The official said on Twitter: "This is just the beginning." Yes, it is obvious that this is an early version. >

Although a lot of information has been leaked, we still believe that we will be surprised by what Microsoft showed us on June 24. Do you expect it?




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