Windows 11 will Come with Powerful Features

At present, screenshots and videos of the Windows 11 system interface have flowed out on the Internet. This information comes from a leaked ISO image of the Windows 11 Build 21996.1 Dev version, which is the preloaded version. I believe the final version will be more complete. 


Let's take a look at the changes in the Win11 system interface. (This article was first published on the official account: Smile at leisure, without any reprint authorization)


Taskbar position changes:

The first is the desktop, and the biggest change is the taskbar. For unknown reasons, Microsoft moved the default "Start Menu" button and software shortcuts on the taskbar to the middle of the task list, which made it impossible to quickly move the mouse to the lower-left corner. Open the start menu.

But don’t worry too much, Microsoft is " very caring " to let you click on the "Start" button and drag and drop it freely, or by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting "Taskbar Settings", it will take you to "Settings" > "Personalization"> "Taskbar" window, you can change the "Taskbar Alignment" setting to fix the position of the taskbar.


Simple window management:

Perhaps inspired by Win10X, the window intelligent adjustment of Win11 has been greatly improved.

You can move the mouse to the maximize icon of the window, and a window menu option will appear. Choose one of the grey square layouts to select the screen layout and position for the window.


Weather and news widget:

This feature Win10 has been implemented in the update this year, and it is also retained on Win11. Users can open the panel by clicking on the weather icon on the menu bar, and the local weather conditions, daily news, and stock market can be seen in the panel. and other informationSimilarly, this feature can also be turned off.


File Explorer and new icons:

Although Microsoft really wants to integrate the control panel and settings, the control panel is still retained in Win11, and the icons in the file explorer are newly drawn icons. There is not much difference in terms of functions.


Window rounding:

A large number of rounded windows are used in Win11, which can be seen in the context menu, application and file explorer. The start menu itself also uses rounded corners. And users can customize the settings according to their experience.


When will the full version be released?

When will Windows 11 be released? Are there any other new features? Will the new Windows Store be announced? Is the setup application undergoing a visual upgrade? There are still many questions. We will hear more about Windows 11 at Microsoft's June 24, 2021 event.

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