Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro Experience

 Prior to this, high-end has always been a pain for Xiaomi. Beginning in 2020, Xiaomi has begun to make efforts to achieve growth against the trend, which also makes the strategy of hitting the high-end more confident. In the field of TWS earphones, Xiaomi has also begun to lay out the market very early, and has quickly established itself in the market. With a very affordable price and excellent performance experience, it is deeply loved by users of rice noodles and many other brands.

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

On May 14, Xiaomi's high-end noise-cancelling headphones FlipBuds Pro officially went on sale, supporting 40d active noise reduction, which is the top specification of noise-cancelling wireless headphones. So how does it perform? Although the price of 799 is low, is the experience flagship? We answer these questions one by one.

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro detailed review

Exquisite appearance and comfortable to wear

Compared with the matte-like material of the previous Air2 Pro, the mirror light design of FlipBuds Pro has a good visual performance, but there are also fingerprint problems that come with it. The battery compartment and earphones use high-gloss nano-NCVM coating technology. It creates a high-end feeling very well.

In the details of the battery compartment, there is a status indicator on the front for feedback of the battery level of the charging box, an integrated shaft, and a Xiaomi brand LOGO. Both the Bluetooth pairing button and the Type-C charging interface are placed at the bottom of the charging box, making the overall look and feel of the charging box more integrated.

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

The inside of the charging box adopts a vertical structure, the earphone is erected in the charging cockpit, and an earphone charging indicator/pairing indicator light is arranged in the middle of the charging box. The charging box cover adopts a slanted design, and the staged smoothness of opening the lid and the strong damping of closing the lid are very strong, and people can't help but play in idle time.

Comfortable to wear, it must be the advantage of FlipBuds Pro. It does not have the wearing feeling of the previous Air2 Pro overturned. After wearing it, it is very firm and will not fall out easily.

FlipBuds Pro is very stable as soon as I put it on. I don’t need to find a position anymore. This shows that it is more suitable for my ear canal. Then the earphone itself is equipped with two ear caps of different sizes in addition to the default ear caps. The fit detection helps you select the appropriate earplug size.

Excellent noise reduction depth level of 40db

FlipBuds Pro uses the independent noise reduction chip ADI71251+ to launch the Qualcomm QCC5151 flagship chip dual-chip combination. This configuration is really nothing to say, and the actual experience is also very good.

There are 3 levels of noise reduction modes that can be set, namely office, daily, and aviation, which can be clearly perceived when used, and the level of 40dB is already the first step in the noise reduction of Bluetooth headsets.

After a few days of commuting, the effect of the air travel mode on the subway is more obvious, which can eliminate the regular noise. In an outdoor noisy environment, long press the headphone handle to switch to the noise reduction mode. At the same time as the ear pressure hits, most of the low frequency noise disappears, leaving only a few human voices and occasional horn sounds. According to my subjective experience, there is a gap between this one and AirPods Pro, but it is already very small. Considering the price difference of several hundred yuan, I would like to call the noise reduction of FlipBuds Pro the strongest in the price range of 799, and there is no one!

In addition, there are two transparent modes, which can enhance the human voice. I think this transparent mode is very useful. I have used many Bluetooth headsets. Most of the transparent modes of Bluetooth headsets feel unnatural sound processing. The transparent mode of listening to others is also very natural, just like talking to others without wearing them.

Support aptX-A, good sound quality will follow

After talking so much, let us return to the most basic requirement of headphones: listening to the sound.

The tuning style of FlipBuds Pro tends to be real, without too much tendency, similar to the style of AirPods Pro, the low frequency part is flexible enough but not booming, the middle frequency is tight, and the high frequency part is not harsh.

Starting from the type of music, when listening to popular music, the sense of hierarchy is more obvious, but there are more drums, a little fuzzy, the vocal processing is very clear, and the instruments in the accompaniment can also be clearly distinguished.

To sum up, this is a headset that is more suitable for listening to human voices. It has no problems with ordinary pop songs, but it still seems weak to listen to large-scale bands. However, this style of tuning is also very suitable for the use of headphones. Yes, after all, if you really want to listen to a large-scale system, speakers and headphones are more reliable.

Enrich the multi-functions of the MIUI system

The multi-device connection of FlipBuds Pro is very interesting. It does not choose the device or the platform. As long as the device that supports Bluetooth can basically be connected to the mobile phone at the same time. After the connection with the mobile phone is successful, the other device that needs to be connected enters the Bluetooth search state, puts the headset into the headset box, and presses the button for a long time. At this time, FlipBuds Pro can be found on the other device, and the connection with the mobile phone It is not disconnected. If you have MIUI+ on your mind, you can also realize the automatic pop-up window to discover the headset.

For example, when you play music on a mobile phone, when you play music on a connected computer, the headset is still playing music from the mobile phone. If you want to play another device, you need to pause the playback of the current device before you can play the audio of the second device.

In terms of handover, except for manual pause, the speed of handover is almost seamless and there is no perceivable delay.

Endurance/Charging Summary

In the case of full power, the measured noise reduction is turned on, and the single battery life is between 4.5h-5h depending on the use situation. With the earphone box, it can achieve a battery life of about 20h-22h, which is completely enough.

It supports wireless charging and wired fast charging. In wired charging mode, about 50% of the power can be charged in half an hour, and it can be fully charged in one hour, but it is slightly slower in wireless charging mode.

Compared with the previous generation Air2 Pro, FlipBuds Pro does have a strong perception. Whether it is from the design texture of the headset, wearing stability, noise reduction effect, and software experience, it has reached a high level at this price.

If you are a user of MIUI, especially Xiaomi 11 series or 888 platform flagship machine, this price is recommended for you to start without thinking, it is really fragrant! There are really not many platforms for noise reduction, sound quality, ecological experience, and support for the Aptx Adaptive protocol.

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