Xiaomi hesitates, Meizu is decisive!

In mid-May, Hongmeng System announced full open source, but at present, apart from Meizu, no domestic brand has taken the olive branch thrown by Huawei. The decisive results of this kind of big factory hesitation and small factory are really surprising. I believe many readers can't figure out why small brands such as Meizu dare to try Hongmeng, but domestic manufacturers headed by Xiaomi choose collective silence?


In the author's opinion, domestic manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO have their own concerns if they do not express their views on the Hongmeng system for the first time. From the perspective of supporting domestic operating systems, it is reasonable for domestic manufacturers to support Hongmeng However, supporting Hongmeng will affect its brand image or product sales . So, whether these manufacturers maintain the status quo or support Hongmeng is worth considering.

At present, domestic mobile phone manufacturers led by Xiaomi are not unwilling to support Hongmeng, they are just weighing the pros and cons.

In terms of product competitiveness changes, in fact, there is not much experience difference between mobile phones equipped with Hongmeng system and mobile phones equipped with Android system in China.

However, overseas, mobile phones do not have mature GMS services, and relying on the unformed Hongmeng application ecology, it is impossible to attract users at all. Nowadays, major mobile phone brands are opening up overseas markets, and full access to Hongmeng is equivalent to failing in overseas deployment. Large domestic manufacturers are naturally unwilling to support the Hongmeng system at this time.


In terms of ecological construction, Huawei is not the only manufacturer interested in developing its own IoT operating system. Brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo are all working hard to build a closed-loop hardware, and self-developed IoT operating systems are also on the agenda.

Betting on Hongmeng at this critical moment is tantamount to making a wedding dress for Huawei and using its own hardware to help Huawei enhance its competitiveness in the Internet of Things field.

Although Huawei's mobile phone business cannot return to its peak in a short period of time, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO have always been competing in smart terminal products, and the beauty of adults does not conform to the rules of survival in the market.

As for why Meizu chose the Hongmeng system, the fundamental reason is that Meizu needs the help of the Hongmeng system. Charm Smart Home ecological family started construction, together obscurity both play an advocacy role, but also save unnecessary expenses.

And manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO have spent a lot of effort on the construction of hardware ecology, and many projects are under development. At this time, when Hongmeng is connected, the initial investment is equivalent to the water and the loss, and the loss is inevitable.

Of course, in the long run, the author believes that Hongmeng will eventually become a collective spare tire plan for domestic manufacturers. After all, OPPO paid attention to Huawei's official account in 2020, and Pan Jiutang, an investor in the Xiaomi industry, was also confident in cooperation.

Perhaps the reason why domestic giants are silent is that the time has not yet been reached.

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