102 Best Blogging Niches For High Earning 2022

 Whats up buddies, after my previous submit the way to setup a weblog in google blogger, nowadays i am giving you a listing of a hundred+ running a blog niche and running a blog niche ideas to start your weblog, you can begin a weblog on any of them or those running a blog niche can inspire you to start a blog on some other related subjects.

    Running a blog area of interest thoughts

    Earlier than i begin, i would like to signify you some points which you should recollect earlier than choosing a niche:

    Pick a spot of your hobby.

    Pick a spot you want to examine.

    About which you may percentage your knowledge well

    What about human beings are interested by analyzing? Do they ask questions about that topic?

    Let's start the blogging niche which is around one hundred+ and begin your blog with these running a blog niche thoughts...

    #1 Fitness and health weblog:

    On this niche you can write blog which include weight loss, weight benefit, a way to eliminate darkish circles, a way to reduce diabetes, the way to keep ordinary blood stress, daily diets and and so forth.

    #2 Splendor blog:

    In this niche you may write blog on topics like pores and skin care, frame care, hair care, the way to prevent hair fall, a way to straight your hair, proper manner of make-up, hair fashion academic and plenty greater.

    #3 Domestic made treatments:

    Selfmade ayurvedic drugs for disease treatment

    #4 Commercial enterprise thoughts weblog:

    Whole exclusive types of business begin up procedure, the way to expand commercial enterprise, where to get a commercial enterprise card, how much does it value to set up a commercial enterprise, the way to installation workplace, quality co-running area in lucknow, noida and so on.

    #5 Startup business information blog:

    Which startup were given how a whole lot investment, which one startup is running on which concept and and so forth.

    #6 Online money weblog:

    Extraordinary methods to earn on-line money, how to earn cash via freelancing, a way to earn cash by means of writing articles, how to do on line part time work along side university to gain cash and so on.

    #7 training and career blog:

    A way to turn out to be a pilot, how to grow to be a doctor, chartered, a way to turn out to be an accountant… you could write articles on every such career and many others.

    #8 product contrast blog:

    Right here you can evaluate exclusive merchandise and guide consumer which product is more better and for what motive. Most likely merchandise that human beings always search for is - cellular phones, bikes, motors, television, expert cameras, and and so on.

    #9 music lyrics blog:

    Look for song lyrics could be very excessive. You can write lyrics of each modern-day songs and gain increasingly natural visitors for your blog. It requires much less effort however massive site visitors, very suitable running a blog area of interest for beginners.

    #10 gadgets evaluation blog:

    In this blogging area of interest you could write evaluations of digital merchandise like pc, mobiles, headphone, clever watches, virtual assistant like amazone alexa, google domestic and plenty greater.

    #11 evaluate weblog:

    On this niche you could write assessment of bikes, vehicles and may compare distinctive fashions of bikes and automobiles. And you can additionally write nice sports bike, vehicles, exceptional suvs underneath 20 lakhs, first-class bikes in 150cc. Examine special brands of bikes and vehicles in a positive fee range and much more to put in writing in this area of interest.

    #12 mobile assist blog:

    Answer of any problem in each cellular, suggestions and hints. As as an instance - a way to play pubg in redmi word 4, why mx participant mechanically stops in redmi notice four answer.

    #13 amusement evaluate weblog:

    In this blog niche you may write film's assessment, track's review, while south indian dubbed film is releasing and info of that movie, megastar casts role, movie score, and so forth.

    #14 life coach weblog:

    Right here you can put up article on personality development and motivational. How to boost up confidance, a way to make new buddies, the way to put together for interview and so on.

    #15 activity vacancies weblog:

    This blogging area of interest drives huge traffic but you want to be very activate to your updates, attempt to add any jobs which include sarkari jobs or personal jobs very first in your weblog. Write about exams and offer look at material for unique tests, replace assessments end result and admit card very promptly.

    #16 trending news weblog:

    You may write articles about some thing information is trending or is going viral. People seek such news for full information.

    #17 thriller blog:

    On this area of interest you may write article on alien, ufo, ghost, jalpari, bermuda triangle, iceman, unsolved mysteries conspiracy theories, illuminati, etc.

    #18 top 10 weblog:

    On this niche you could write article on top 10 politician, top 10 cricketers, top 10 actors, pinnacle 10 horror movies, top 10 mobiles, pinnacle 10 motorcycles, top 10 tv, and so forth.

    #19 a way to blog:

    Educational weblog - the way to create emails, the way to setup youtube channel, how to apply for aadhaar card, pan card and so forth.

    #20 generation explanation weblog:

    On this area of interest you could write article on how printer, laser mild works, how electric cars rins and what are the technology at the back of that, how virtual reality works, how 3-d lens works, etc.

    #21 tour blog:

    On this area of interest you can write article on visitor locations in tamil nadu, kerala, rajasthan, the way to tour to your low finances, nice journey blogs assessment.

    #22 cooking & recipes blog:

    In this area of interest you could write article on a way to put together tasty aloo paratha, the way to put together pizza at home, a way to prepare dinner butter paneer masala at domestic like restaurant, clean breakfast recipes for college kids staying in hostel and so forth.

    #23 interview query collection blog:

    In this area of interest you may write article on process interview questions and solutions, ias interview query, tech interview questions, google interview questions and so on.

    #24 dating advice blog:

    In this area of interest you could write advice on dating and love, how to speak to a woman, ladies love which sort of gift, which type of place you must go along with your lover on first date and many others.

    #25 guys fashion blog:

    On this area of interest you could write article on coiffure recommendations, how to dressup for a party, what should be your getup whilst going for an interview and so on.

    #26 finance and funding weblog:

    Be aware: if you have information then most effective start this weblog, because it is all approximately cash and for this reason it's very risky.

    On this blogging area of interest you can write artices on where to invest money,, a way to open bank account and demat account, what is mutual fund, a way to put money into inventory marketplace, which groups are first-class for inventory market funding, a way to store taxes and so forth.

    #27 celebrity statistics blog:

    On this niche you may write article on top, weight, age, net worth, female friend/boufriend, marriage of celebrities and so forth.

    #28 biography blog:

    On this area of interest you may write biography of a success man or woman like mark zuckerberg, steve jobs, apj abdul kalam, atal bihari bajpayee and so on.

    #29 agriculture weblog:

    On this area of interest you could write on how to do farming, a way to boom fertility of a plant, which seed is good for a specific plant, a way to plant huge tomato, quality farming exercise for sugarcane, develop farming practices, a way to sell your grains in market and on what price, how to do vertical farming, what is minimum assist fee supplied through the government etc.

    #30 pageant needs weblog:

    In this area of interest you could write on each fairs and desires like diwali wishes, new 12 months wishes, holi desires, raksha bandhan greetings and many others.

    #31 android apps blog:

    This blogging niche may be very stressful you can write articles like pleasant android apps for video enhancing, fine android apps for games, fine apps for college kids, fine android appps for image modifying, high-quality apps for on line dating and so on.

    #32 astrology blog:

    On this running a blog niche you can write article list nice blog for astrologers, horoscope, numerology, palm studying etc.

    #33 puja weblog:

    On this blogging niche you can write article on the way to worship diwali, the way to worship ganesh, laxmi puja, mantras of maa laxmi, mantra of load shiva. Same way you could write on extraordinary religions.

    #34 temples of india/global weblog

    In this blogging area of interest you can write article on well-known temples in india and the world and quality time to visit those temples, starting and final hours, staying facility nearby those temples, how to reach these temples full info. Equal manner you may write for gurudwara, church, gurjaghar, mosque etc.

    #35 sports activities blog:

    In this running a blog area of interest you may write updates on cricket, soccer, kabaddi, ipl, which participant sold for how a whole lot, kabaddi superior league, indian brilliant league, indian gamers with their other halves/girlfriends, etc.

    #36 fantasy sports weblog:

    In this blogging niche you may write articles on fine websites and apps for gambling fantasy sports, the way to pick your team in dream eleven etc.

    Notice: do not create a blog on gambling and having a bet. It's miles illegal in a few a part of india and you'll no longer get google ads and may be a legal trouble.

    #37 social media blog:

    On this running a blog area of interest you may write small-small charges, shayari, humorous jokes for whatsapp status facebook fame. You may offer fine institution hyperlink for whatsapp, telegram, facebook and so forth.

    #38 kitchen recommendations blog:

    In this blogging niche you can write about pleasant strain cooker, exceptional tawa, the way to beautify kitchen, how to get lpg connection, and so forth

    #39 on-line course blog:

    In this running a blog area of interest you can write approximately first-rate online route to study potography, photoshop. Pinnacle on-line guides to research facts technology, quality unniversity for online diploma and so forth.

    #40 political news weblog:

    Those who are interested by politics can begin a blog on this niche. You can give entire statistics in element about all the huge news coming daily on politics.

    #41 take a look at cloth blog:

    Collection of observe fabric to prepare some thing examination is coming. Try to put complete sets of examine material for every precise exam because this niche is some what tough to rank.

    #42 nearby location blog:

    In this blog area of interest you may write on a specific city or nation like - first-class locations to visit in that town or nation, high-quality training for guitar in that town, great dance classes in that town or state, etc.

    #43 parenting blog:

    On this blog niche you could write on how to take care of kids, children weight loss program in keeping with age, how to stop youngsters if they abuse, healthful meals for youngsters, pleasant way of breastfeeding, on-line safety for kids, satisfactory products for children pores and skin, and so forth.

    #44 being pregnant weblog:

    On this weblog niche you could write on how to take precaution from starting to cease for the duration of pregnancy, pregnancy exercising, weight loss after pregnancy, first-class meals food plan for the duration of being pregnant and what no longer to consume at some point of this period, and many others.

    #55 ornament / indoors designing / home decor / craft weblog:

    On this blog niche you may write on how to enhance your house, the way to make a pencil box from a used product, the way to make key chain holder, mehndi designs etc.

    #45 gaming blog:

    This niche could be very popular amongst youngsters and force extra traffic to gaming blog. On this niche you could write approximately opinions of quality video games, first-class laptop setup for playing video games, new video games evaluate, great xbox video games and so forth.

    #47 sewing blog:

    On this area of interest you can write a way to stich cloths, a way to make sweater, how to stich jeans, how to make deliver bag at domestic, and many others.

    #48 wedding ceremony weblog:

    On this area of interest you could write - what to take care even as selecting a wedding dresses, how to pick wedding ceremony destination, wedding ceremony photography patterns, fine mehndi styles for wedding ceremony, pleasant gift items for wedding ceremony, etc.

    #49 yoga and meditation blog:

    On this area of interest you may write - best yoga for increasing peak, for weight reduction, best yoga to reduce belly fat, yoga for better respiratory, a way to meditate, high-quality meditation apps, blessings of meditation, and many others.

    #50 language getting to know weblog:

    In this area of interest you may write tutorials on mastering english, hindi, english grammar pointers, how to talk english, high-quality apps for mastering english, english dialogues among patron and business proprietor, verbal exchange among student and instructor and so forth.

    #51 gardening blog:

    In this niche you could write - the way to plant aloe vera in home, gardening guidelines, how to attend to rose plant

    #52 spirituality & law of attraction blog:

    On this niche you could write - the way to maintain your self glad, the way to make gratitude magazine, what's regulation of attraction, how to make imaginative and prescient board, and many others.

    #53 pictures weblog:

    On this niche you can educate photoshop, video modifying, picture enhancing suggestions, how to edit picture on cell, a way to create film on cellular and many others.

    #54 android app development blog:

    On this area of interest you may write approximately how to make android app, how to earn money via android app, exceptional plateform for android app creation, and so on.

    #55 truth television weblog:

    All approximately reality suggests on television, about their audition dates, audition processes, contemporary information gossips, eliminations approximately contestants, etc.

    #56 tv suggests weblog:

    In this niche you could write about related news of ongoing television shows, what's going to be take place within the subsequent episodes, blog like saans nahu aur saajis, saans bahu aur betiyan, and many others.

    #57 born today weblog:

    On this niche you may write listing of humans born for all days of the yr.

    #58 shayari / jokes / sms weblog:

    In this area of interest you could shayari, jokes, sms but usually write your owns don't replica paste of others because in running a blog term it's known as plagiarism which isn't always right for google adsense approval.

    #59 dancing recommendations weblog:

    Paintings on this area of interest with a youtube channel.

    #60 guitar lessons weblog:

    Work on this area of interest with a youtube channel.

    #61 government schemes facts weblog:

    In this area of interest you may write all authorities schemes in detail. Students performing for competitive exams look for the modern authorities schemes for detailed notes.

    #62 luxurious weblog:

    On this area of interest you may write about how rich humans stay, life fashion of rich humans, in which rich humans love to visit, how tons their networth, precise article on their wealth, etc.

    #63 amusement weblog:

    On this niche you could write celeb gossips, launching dates of recent movies and their details.

    #64 frame constructing weblog:

    Workout, weight loss plan plans, fitness & workout of celebrities, excellent exercising of upper frame electricity, quality exercising for legs, critiques of nutrients and supplements and many others.

    #65 home windows assist & advice blog:

    On this niche you may write about all mistakes and technical tricks and tips associated with windows working machine

    #66 girls weblog:

    On this area of interest you may write biography of a hit women, ladies troubles and their solution, new associated with women, and many others.

    #67 foreign education blog:

    On this niche you could write the way to have a look at in abroad, whilst and how observe to a college, what are the methods to observe abroad, updates on new bureaucracy, which college is pleasant for a particular course, etc.

    #68 gulf information weblog:

    In this area of interest you can write the way to work in dubai, a way to get visa, which organization is first-class in dubai, where to rent for your stay, new job vacancies and so forth.

    #69 book summaries / training blog:

    In this area of interest you could write summeries and notes for a well-known ebook in your personal phrases.

    #70 present ideas blog:

    On this area of interest you could write what to gift on birthday, what to gift teacher on instructor's day, what to gift your girlfriend on first date, present ideas for wedding ceremony and anniversary, gift idea on retirement, present for brand spanking new toddler born, and so forth.

    #71 indoor games, amusing challenges & sports weblog:

    Exclusive sport folks that can bypass time via playing with their siblings, cousins. Instance– antakshri, carom board, business, ludo & snakes, e-book cricket , fact or dare, dumb charades and so on

    #72 adventure enthusiasts blog:

    A way to do tracking, nice places for monitoring, where to go for camping and hiking, first-class places for bungee leaping, pleasant places for river water rafting and many others.

    #73 home product assessment weblog:

    In this running a blog niche you can write a evaluate on whatever product you purchase for your house like cooler review patanjali noodles vs maggi noodles evaluate. Exceptional toilet cleaner, first-rate detergent powder, review of on-line purchasing website and which website you want the maximum and why, and so forth.

    #74 cash saving weblog:

    Frugal dwelling, how did you stay for less cash, how to store money in on-line purchasing, a way to lessen tax burden, element approximately on-line shopping festival offers, a way to shop money owing a credit score card, the way to spent less at the same time as travelling, cheap and fine hotels to live, alternatives of luxurious merchandise, etc.

    #75 technological know-how blog:

    Right here you may give an explanation for medical principles in smooth and interesting manner. You can write approximately new research, space technological know-how, innovative products, and products to be used in future, and so forth.

    #76 records weblog

    On this running a blog area of interest you may write article on ancient figures, complete explanation of wars, specified article on vintage civilization.

    #77 lifestyles hack weblog:

    On this running a blog niche you can write productiveness tips, unusual answers to common troubles,how to make first aid container, a way to guard your self on the time of earthquake, shield yourself from mosquito throughout wet season, and so on.

    #78 movie provide an explanation for, blunders blog:

    On this running a blog area of interest you can explain complicated technological know-how fiction film, errors in bollywood films you could submit approximately them.

    #79 programming weblog:

    In this running a blog area of interest you programming in hindi or english. Programming languages like c, c++, java, python, and so forth. Our college teaches very poorly and is not a terrific blog to learn hindi, you will get visitors, plenty of human beings could be observed to your blog. You will additionally make a profession of your weblog traveler. What extra satisfaction will you get from this?

    #80 clean maths weblog:

    In this blogging area of interest you may provide quick cut tricks for solving a maths question, formulation of vedic maths, later you may promote your e-book here. You can additionally sell take a look at series or you may promote your education middle right here.

    #81 fight fans blog:

    In this blogging niche you may provide updates on wrestling / boxing / preventing championship. Article on pinnacle 10 wwe finishers, top 10 girls wrestlers in wwe, exceptional fights of john ceno, pinnacle 10 wrestlers brutally overwhelmed up with the aid of the first-rate khali, etc.

    #82 net stars blog:

    In this blogging niche you could write approximately pinnacle internet celebrities from the sector of track, youtube, weblog, instagram, and so forth and associated news updates, gossips, their destiny plan in element.

    #83 event blog:

    In this running a blog area of interest you may write updates on university festivals on upcoming events, stay concert of a musician, live show of a enormous comedian and where to buy their tickets.

    #84 indian legal guidelines weblog:

    In case you are from regulation historical past then this blogging niche is very suitable for you, right here you could provide an explanation for the regulations of legal guidelines in smooth methods. Associated topics may be - the way to do consumer grievance, the way to register harassment grievance on-line, which laws should hold in mind even as shopping for a assets, how to document online complaint for a fraud, and many others.

    #85 present day affairs and fashionable information blog:

    In recent times in every examination present day affairs and preferred understanding is been asked. You could get site visitors on this running a blog area of interest in brief time in case you paintings sincerly. You can additionally provide quiz on cutting-edge affairs and widespread expertise.

    #86 apple merchandise blog:

    Hints and hints on iphone, ipad, macos and so forth. Modern day updates on apple products, you realize the trend for apple products. Visitors may be extra on this running a blog niche.

    #87 organization discussion / essays blog:

    With the aid of taking gd topics, considering both both aspects you may make a superb blog for the interviewee. Information channels often come up with some debate, those subjects have to be up to the mark on your weblog, with a few important factors.

    #88 puppies and pets weblog:

    In recent times, i am searching at slowly increasing the fashion of maintaining pets, in such a state of affairs, if you also have a pet, then you may be able to maintain this blog with first-rate posture. Some subjects you could write on - the want for domestic dog diet, pedigree is right to your dog - review posts, how lengthy your canine is in need, vaccinations and deworming schedules for your dogs, and greater.

    #89 freelancing blog:

    In this running a blog area of interest you could write evaluation of freelance sites. Satisfactory internet site for freelance author, how to growth costs of freelancing, the way to get freelancing jobs, the way to satisfy your patron with your freelancing paintings, and many others.

    #90 magic tricks blog:

    Simple magic hints that humans can do at domestic, like card hints, range video games, and so on.

    #91 scholarship updates weblog:

    On this running a blog area of interest you may write full details of which college, ngo, or employer providing scholarship and a way to practice and what are eligibility criteria, etc.

    #92 university/college notes & assignments blog:

    For this you want to assemble notes from different discussion board aur blogs and positioned it on your blog. Example: ignou notes, delhi sol notes, and so forth. This niche drives huge visitors in short time.

    #93 real property weblog:

    Information of plot to be buy, where one should buy apartments, a way to invest in industrial property and files required, rules in distinctive states, what have to keep in thoughts at the same time as purchase a belongings, how to negotiate belongings value to a property dealer, updates on new projects, vastu shastra tips for brand new residence, etc.

    #94 on line vendor blog:

    How to sell your merchandise on line, how to sell your products on amazon and flipkart, a way to be a seller companion on paytm, the way to create a buying website on shopify, nice businesses for delivery merchandise, on line marketing in your product, a way to growth your promote with the assist of bargain or coupon. Each question's referring to online shopping and promoting have to be at your weblog.

    #95 net series overview blog:

    You could write opinions of web collection launched on netflix, amazon top, viu, hotstar and youtube. In recent times humans are loopy for this.

    #96 multi level marketing evaluations and tips blog:

    Today, there are extra than 1000 multi-degree advertising / direct promoting corporations inside the u . S ., the way to join, before looking, people seek the company on google, what's the organization - when you have given all the info of every company on your weblog - how to be part of, how tons money you are taking, how lots paintings you do, what's the earning plan, what products are there, what's the user assessment, etc. Then you definitely can not even guess how a lot visitors you may get. You will additionally save a whole lot of money by exposing the incorrect and fraudulent organization from above - that delight is improved by means of lakhs of rupees. Interviews of people related to multilevel marketing organizations also can be placed on the blog, in case you be part of a terrific company, then sell it, you could supply recommendations and advice on how to upload extra human beings than your underneath.

    #97 critical days weblog:

    On this weblog area of interest you can write details of all important days all around the world. Eg. January 10 - world hindi day, sept. 15 - engineers day and info of every days, why these days are being celebrated, and so forth.

    #98 software overview and tutorials blog:

    Nice software for downloading youtube films, pleasant audio enhancing software for computer. The way to edit audio the use of audacity, a way to convert pdf to document, pdf to img, and many others.

    #99 excel tutorials weblog:

    Ms excel is the sort of aspect that all and sundry should research. And it / trade humans must recognise ms excel very well but it does not have a easy hindi language blog to provide an explanation for it. Top visitors may be added by way of operating on it. One of the indian blogger emerge as crorepati just by writing ms excel academic in english.

    #100 comedian and anime blog:

    In this blogging area of interest you could write distinctive submit on distinctive comic superhero, anime/manga suggests. There isn't a single weblog in india in this niche if this area of interest fits your interest you may have incredible fan following and constant visitors in your blog too.

    #101  internet site overview/proposal blog:

    You could write about nice websites to download loose pics, quality internet site to down load facebook movies, websites to transform pdf to doc on-line, best websites for downloading youtube motion pictures, pleasant websites to visit when you experience bore, and so on.

    #102  discount coupon weblog:

    On this running a blog niche you may provide customers bargain coupons for redeem, this could attract big site visitors. These days humans are crazy for discount coupons due to growth in online purchasing. You ought to do this area of interest, right here you need some investment however in go back you may get twice or three times.

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