How to Optimize Website SEO to increase traffic?

 In the fiercely competitive Internet marketing, only the higher the ranking of the website, the more opportunities to gain exposure and realize product realization. 

How to Optimize Website SEO to increase traffic? 

Therefore, for website operators, the effective completion of website optimization and promotion is an urgent matter.

Therefore, let's take a look at how to optimize and promote the website.

    1. How to do website optimization and promotion?

    1. Find the keywords:

    Website optimization and promotion to find out the keywords is very important because it has a direct relationship with the promotion effect. Therefore, it is necessary to find keywords that meet the user's search needs and search engine preferences according to the specific conditions of the website.

    2. Do a good job in site link layout:

    Website optimization and promotion do a good job in site link layout, that is, add an anchor text external link to the article keywords, or add a link to the homepage through the page layout. In this way, the bounce rate of the website can be effectively reduced, and the stickiness of the entire website can be improved.

    3. Maintain the stability of the website:

    The stability of the website directly affects the user experience. If the website is frequently hacked, causing the ranking to go up and down, users often cannot find it, or cannot open the website for a long time, these are not conducive to website optimization and promotion. Therefore, website optimization and promotion require a stable server.

    4. Insist on publishing high-quality articles:

    Users search for the information they want through keywords, and high-quality articles are one of the driving forces that attract them to open. Therefore, if you want to increase website traffic, you need to update articles regularly and maintain high-quality content. There are solutions for users. Value article.

    5. Publish articles that are relevant to the website:

    When users have consumer needs, they always search for answers by entering search terms on Baidu. If they find that the topic displayed on the website is completely inconsistent with the title of the keyword, they will lose the desire to visit again. Therefore, if you want to increase website traffic, you need to publish articles that are relevant to the website to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

    6. Release high-quality external links:

    The so-called gathering of things and groups of people, so you need to exchange links with websites in similar industries, but remember that not all websites in similar industries can be exchanged, but you need to choose a website with a higher weight to exchange. At the same time, always check the situation of the friendship link, so as not to affect yourself by the lowering of other people's websites.

    How to optimize website SEO to increase traffic?

    2. How to increase website traffic?

    ● In the process of website promotion through search engines, search engines optimize keywords so that users can find your website when they use keywords to search so that they can bring traffic to your website.

    ● Direct access. Some companies will promote their websites through Moments, Qzone, and Weibo. Therefore, many users open the website in this way, which can also get traffic to the website.

    ● The released external links are released on a better platform, which can increase the traffic to the website.

    SEO, social media, and blogs can all help you quickly attract more website visitors. Trying to increase website traffic can sometimes feel like whizzing by. After all, the world publishes more than 4.4 million new blog posts every day, and it is difficult to stand out from the competition.

    But some techniques can reasonably increase your number. We deployed several strategies, which increased traffic exponentially in less than a year.

    Remember, bringing continuous natural traffic will be a marathon, not a sprint. A recent study on the top-ranking pages of Baidu/Toutiao/Google showed that the average page usage of the top 10 pages was two years, while the average page usage of the number one page was nearly three years.

    How to optimize website SEO to increase traffic?

    How is the result? Although the following tips will increase your visits in the short term, in the long run, you must continue to work hard to achieve the desired goals. The following are the strategies we use to help us quickly attract website traffic.

    1. SEO search engine optimization:

    1) Choose the right keywords:

    2) Produce high-quality content:

    This means that attracting users to click is only half the battle. Once you get their attention, you must maintain it by providing them with useful, high-quality content.

    Regarding high-quality content, there are no easy shortcuts, although we currently know what is not high-quality content. Listicles, slides and short videos will not be able to complete the work. In 2019, long-form content is the new king.

    Considering that the attention span is shorter than ever, and the competition for eyeballs has never been so fierce, this seems surprising. However, you should think of it this way: your customers have not come to you to entertain you or make them happy. They click because they want specific answers and information. If they find that you do not intend to provide them with this information, they will click on one of your competitors.

    The average length of high-quality long-form content is about 2,000 words, but many sites see results that are doubled or even longer.

    3) Make your website easy:

    Sentences deemed interesting and short paragraphs of no more than three or four sentences. Leave plenty of white space on the page so that readers don’t feel overwhelmed or frightened. And don't forget the back end of the website. Make sure your website loads quickly, easily, and looks great on desktop computers and mobile devices.

    4) Establish permissions through internal links:

    So, how to attract users to click on your website?

    Well, this question has a simple, superficial answer, and a deeper, more complicated one.

    First, the simple answer. On those popular landing pages, you need to provide a lot of internal links to other pages of the site. Don't let them be excessive or spam. Links should be placed reasonably and carefully. You also need to provide the sidebar of the relevant page, which will take us to the next more complex answer to the question.

    In order to effectively use internal links, you need to anticipate the subsequent needs of users. For example, suppose that the landing page in question is related to how mortgage payments are calculated. After users have read this page, you can make some reasonable assumptions about the following questions: How do they obtain mortgages? How does interest rate affect mortgage payments? When is the best time to buy a house?

    If you have a page that solves these follow-up issues, you can put it in the sidebar so that users can click around your website, which severely enhances the authority of the website.

    How to optimize website SEO to increase traffic?

    2. Social media channels:

    Weibo, Toutiao, Zhihu, and Douban, these are all large-scale domestic social platforms, which deserve the attention of every business.

    Douyin\Watermelon Video etc. is another very useful social media platform. Although you may know that the video platform is very popular, did you know that it is also the second most popular search engine on the Internet? This means that Douyin\Watermelon Video, etc. are not only peripheral platforms that many customers think are interesting. It should be one of your main user sources together with Baidu/Toutiao/Google.

    Making video content for Douyin\Watermelon Video, etc. can be a fun, easy, and low-cost way that can attract hundreds of millions of people.

    3. Guest blog:

    So what should your guest blog post be about? Obviously, you should write topics in your area of ​​expertise. But beyond that, think about what people want to read. When brainstorming guest posts, a good general rule is to think about what you want to see, and then write it. It is always a good idea to think about things from a problem-solving perspective. What obstacles have you encountered in this field recently? How do you overcome these obstacles? Posts that provide answers or solutions are generally persuasive, and editors cannot get enough information.

    4. Know the post:

    After filling in personal or company information, the rules published on Zhihu are very similar to those published elsewhere. Quality is important: The fastest way to alienate ideal readers is to waste their time with low-quality content.

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