How to Optimize Your Web Page Loading Speed

 Web page loading speed is one of the important indicators for evaluating website quality. To optimize web page loading speed, you first need to find the reason for the slow web page loading speed before you can prescribe the right remedy. Improve and improve the website server, images, plug-ins and other aspects. Improve web page fluency and user experience.

    How to Optimize Your Web Page Loading Speed

    1. Ways to optimize web page loading speed:

    In this Internet-dominated environment, websites have become the backbone of many companies. Whether it is for large-scale enterprise websites or small and medium-sized enterprise websites, its vigorous development is essential. With the rapid development of search engines, recent In the past few years, users only need to click the mouse or mobile phone screen to easily shop and obtain the information they want.

    In this case, if our website page is delayed or stuck during the loading process, the user will leave our page as soon as possible, and will naturally switch to other competitors' website pages, but this is just a few seconds The delay will have a huge impact and impact on our services or sales.

    And this highlights the importance of a website running fast and smoothly. A website running speed is guaranteed, which can not only improve its ranking in search engines but also get a higher return on investment. Next, [Middle SEO] will teach you Some good ways to speed up the loading speed of your website quickly.

    Before learning, we first need to understand, that if the website loading speed is slow, it will affect our website and business. In fact, nothing can be more troublesome than a slow website loading speed. The website loading speed Slowness will not only give users a poor experience but also have a huge impact on search engine rankings.

    As mentioned above, most users hope to complete page loading and browsing within a few seconds. If the page fails to load, they will inevitably abandon the target page and switch to another site. The website loading problem, Will not only lead to a significant reduction in page views but also cause the website to lose a lot of traffic.

    A website with a slow loading speed is not only the loss of customers, but these negative effects will indirectly lead to the loss of website conversion rate and inclusion.

    1. Don't choose a cheap hosting plan:

    Due to limited budgets, many small and medium-sized enterprises will choose cheaper hosting plans. In a sense, cheap hosting plans are shared hosting. Although shared hosting is cheaper and more affordable, the biggest drawback is that it will reduce our Website loading speed.

    Because this hosting plan is not only used by our website, it can be seen that we should upgrade or improve the hosting plan according to the actual business needs and operating conditions of our website. Only in this way can the website load speed be significantly improved.

    2. Image optimization:

    From the perspective of website images. Some larger pictures will have a great impact on the speed of the website, so when we optimize the content of the website, it is necessary to optimize the image by compressing the image, cropping the image, and changing the image resolution. This will not only Reduce memory usage, and can maximize website loading speed.

    3. Using too many plugins:

    Many webmasters will habitually install some plug-ins in the process of website optimization. They want to enhance and improve the user experience in this way. However, if there are too many plug-ins, they will often cause some defects. The most intuitive performance is to make our website The loading speed slows down and even crashes.

    Seriously, it can also lead to some security issues. Therefore, before importing the plug-in, the website must run a speed test. Through detection, find out some plug-ins that may slow down the loading speed of the website, and take some necessary actions.

    4. Appropriately change the theme of the website:

    In addition to the above-mentioned website acceleration methods, what we need to know is that changing the theme of the website can appropriately increase the loading speed of the website, and repairing some broken links can also effectively increase the speed of the website.

    The above are some methods and techniques for speeding up the website shared by [SEO], but remember, do not use all the methods mentioned above at one time, but to improve in a gradual way, only in the website Only by continuously discovering problems in the optimization process can we solve these problems in a more targeted and planned manner.

    2. Factors affecting page loading speed:

    Sometimes when we open a website and browse the web, we find that some web pages open slowly or even cannot open. If this happens, even if the content of this website is good, the loading speed of the web page is too slow, and the user will Will have to stop visiting.

    Under normal circumstances, the average user’s expectation for the opening speed of the webpage is seconds, and the maximum can be tolerated for 5 seconds, and then the next second will choose to close the webpage. If our webpage opens very slowly, it will basically be affected by the user. Abandon it, because any user wants to experience a good website.

    For a high-quality website, web page loading speed is actually more important than SEO optimization. In fact, behind the seemingly simple web browsing is a very complicated process. If the web page opens slowly, it must be one of the links. If there is a problem or the optimization is not enough, then [SEO] will summarize the reasons for the slow web page opening speed for everyone:

    1. The website program and programming are not standardized:

    Many websites are developed based on dynamic interaction technology. Although this development method facilitates website content update and maintenance, it will inevitably use a lot of loop judgments and conditional statements for dynamic data access technology.

    Just a little carelessness will cause judgment statements, forgetting to end or forgetting to close loop statements. Another typical negligence is forgetting to close the database after opening the database during training data. The above conditions will cause the website to run slower. It may even fail to run.


    2. The website code is not concise enough:

    If the website opens slowly, it may be caused by unstable servers. Many companies engaged in server leasing and hosting have different server configurations, so prices vary greatly, and the number of websites opened by the same host is different.

    Therefore, to a certain extent, it will seriously affect the quality and stability of website operation. Therefore, compared with website construction and development, the choice of server is also very important.

    3. The content of pictures and animations is too large:

    In the content of the website, whether it is an animation or a picture, it can only be viewed after being downloaded locally. If the picture or animation is too large, the loading speed of the website will be delayed. In addition to the opening speed of a slow website, it is very likely that the content will not be recognized by search engines.

    It is very unfavourable for the later website optimization work. In addition to pictures or animations, some special effects are more resource-intensive, especially some special effects written by JS code will also have a certain impact on the loading speed of the website.

    4. Too much content on the website:

    Too much website content will make the database too large, and this reason is easy to be ignored by many people, but it does exist, because most companies currently use small databases, so the data There are strict requirements for the number of updates and exchanges.

    For general small websites, if the data content exceeds the limit, the website loading speed will drop significantly. Especially for many small and medium-sized enterprise websites, there is always no reason for the slower running speed. In this case, check the website database.

    3. The importance of page loading speed:

    I wonder if you are a patient person in your life? I believe that for some impatient people, it is difficult to tolerate the fact that the website loading speed is slow because if the website loading speed exceeds the user’s patience, the user will completely lose interest in the website.

    The importance of website loading speed is not only able to examine the patience of users but also has been reflected in many aspects. Next, let’s learn about it with [SEO]!

    4. Affect SEO optimization:

    In the daily SEO optimization work, I believe that many companies doing website construction will add some high-definition pictures or high-memory videos when the website content is updated, in an attempt to achieve better corporate website publicity effects through this method. The result is, As a result, the loading speed of the website is extremely slow.

    5. Affect user experience:

    From the user's point of view, if after opening a website, the pictures or videos on the website cannot be loaded, it is inevitable that the psychological expectations will not be met.

    Imagine if we open a website page, the overall website page opens very fast, and all the content can be presented to us within three seconds, then whether we are interested in the content of this website or not, it will leave us a good first impression, at least have the interest to be able to read.

    But on the contrary, if the loading speed of the website is very slow, and the content displayed is not comprehensive, it will reduce the user's browsing experience to a certain extent, and even cause users to dislike the website.

    6. Lead to the loss of users:

    In a certain sense, if the loading time of a website page is too long, it will cause a certain amount of user loss, because most users simply do not have the patience to wait for a page that takes too long to load.

    Therefore, most users, hope that the opening time of the website page is as short as possible. Therefore, a one-second delay in website loading speed may cause great economic losses, and the loading speed of the website will directly affect the length of the website. User satisfaction.

    7. SEO tips for code fans:

    In the process of website construction and optimization, it is recommended that you use the size and proportion of videos and pictures reasonably. While ensuring the beautiful effect, you must make a reasonable layout and planning of the overall page layout of the website. Will affect the overall loading speed of the website.

    Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprise websites, at the beginning of the website construction, they will choose some servers with relatively small memory, in order to reduce operating costs in this way, but remember that you must not give up the original situation, so as to avoid endless troubles.


    From the perspective of life as a starting point, the loading speed of the website is actually like customers waiting in a restaurant. 

    In a popular restaurant, there must be a lot of people waiting, so more people will come to wait in line. 

    If customers wait If you haven’t been able to eat in two or three hours, you will naturally lose patience and interest and look for another target store to eat.

    Then this store is likely to lose an old customer, and the loading speed of the website is the same. From this point of view , Website speed optimization is very necessary for website construction.

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