Most Acceleration (AMP) Blogger Templates 2022

AMP means the acceleration mobile page which allows to user to Get 

any website pages within one second. Google announced the AMP camp

 in the month of October 2015. 

     What are AMP Templates? 

    This Framework allows you to create a fast-loading mobile page. 

    AMP templates improve user experience on mobile pages. 

    Amp templates load quickly even at poor internet speeds, allowing users to get content quickly. From the Google Search Console, you can see if the amp template is active or not. 

    The AMP template's most essential advantage is that it does not reduce ad income.

    HTML5, AMP JS, and AMP CDN are the three functionalities that AMP templates are built on. So, in these blogs, you'll find 23+ of the best AMP designs for your 

    BlogSpot website.

    Features of AMP Templates:

    Fast loading in Mobile Devices.
    Clean and User-Friendly.
    Easy to get Google AdSense Approval.
    Search Engine Friendly.

    Infinity - AMP Template:

    Infinity is the fast-loading and responsive blogger template. It has a clean, minimal interface and elegant style. The Infinity AMP blogger template create by Arline, a blogger master.

    In this template, you can get the Top header logo, top ads banner section, Animated search box, clean blog posts, Sidebar Labels, Recent posts, and footer credit with Responsive site links. If you use this template then easily get AdSense approval.


    The core features of this template like SEO friendly, Elegant style, Fast loading, AdSense friendly, Simple UX design, Ad ready, etc. This is a completely free template. 

    You can download this link. In this template, All the SEO Schema markup code is available in the header, body, footer, and sidebar.

    Infinite JLB:

    Infinite JLB is a simple and fast loading blogger template. It is totally SEO 

    optimizable and user-friendly on all devices. 

    This template is developed by infinite AMP.  In this template, You can see the latest article on the home page. In the sidebar, You can add popular posts, Labels, and other elements. 

    infinite JLB

    You can download Infinite JLB for free. The max-width of this template looks like 50% containing all blog posts, header, footer, and sidebar. The mobile speed of this is more than 80% and You can check from Google speed insights.


    Vetters is a professional UX design and SEO-optimized blogger template. 

    This template is developed by bung Franki. When you look at this template easy to load fast, with Modern Heade Link animation,   sidebar Search box, and full-width blog posts.  It provides all shortcodes and CSS variables to easy to customized all layout elements.


    UX design of this template like Modern Gradient,  Default dark mode,  Social button, and amazing comment section. It is also fast loading blogger template. For proof, you go to Google rich result and paste the template URL and see all results of this template.


    It is a very simple blogger template design by Raden Gina.  This template has a simple layout, SEO optimized, Two Section blog posts, and a Top-right search box with a quick link. 

    The core features of this template like Search Engine friendly, Fast loading, Easy to customise, Feature posts, and a footer container.


    In the Mobile view, it is a totally responsive and user-friendly interface. It covers features like fast loading, browser compatibility, social sharing, SEO-friendly web design, etc.


    The AMP blanterdeAMP blogger template is developed by Idblanter.  

    This is very fast loading, SEO friendly, Modern design, and supports all elements. 

    The core design of this template is like a header, footer, and post sads section,  header submenu,  Modern looking posts section,  Simple footer credit, and sidebar.


    The core features of this template like Search Engine Optimization, User-friendly, HTLML5 and CSS3, AMP CDN, No Extra plugins, Small HTML size, No encryption, etc.

    Semi AMP:

    This is a very fast and AMP blogger template.  

    The main features of this template like fast loading, Search engine optimization, User-friendly, SImple design, No extra element, Ad ready, and various blogger layouts like popular posts, and social sharing icons header menu.

    Semi AMP

    It has a sticky navigation bar on the scroll and a mobile sidebar menu. 

    This template is especially for news websites and more chances to rank articles on google.

    AMP News:

    AMP news is the fast loading and beautiful blogger themes.  AMP news is specially made by News, health, fitness, and technology website. There are three sidebars in this template.  

    The main features of this template like three sections which contain labels, blog posts,s, and other popular posts, ads, etc.

    AMP news

    The design of this template is a simple but not modern-looking design but you can use this template for your blog website.

    NoName AMP:

    NoNameAMP is the Professional and modern-looking blogger template. 

     This is a very beautiful and clean interface. In the top header, you can find your logo, navigation links, and Search box. 

    It provides a sidebar wrapper where you can add different types of blogger layouts like labels and popular posts. It provides a beautiful recent post wrapper.

    no name blogger

    You can download this template from google drive. This template has 90+ speeds on the mobile device. You can check through google speed insights. It is AdSense friendly and has fully customizable features.

    Jago mag:

    Jago mag is the best blogger template for magazine and newspaper blog websites.

     This is an AMP-based Blog theme that has 80 more than speed in google speed insights. 

    In this template, You can get many features such as header ads, mega menu, 

    full-width feature posts, different blogger posts containers, sidebar ads, Top headlines slider link, etc. 

    23+  Acceleration Mobile Page (AMP) Blogger Templates Download For Free

    Jago Mag is a professional and modern-looking design. It is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. IN this template you can get Schema Markup code in this template. 

    Your posts are shown on the home page. You can also buy a premium of this 

    template which provides extra blogging features. You can use the free version of this template. 


    MD camp is a simple Blogger and fast loading template. You can use this template

     for your personal notes and also use it for multiple purposes like event blogging, news, magazine, etc.  

    It provides a header, content, sidebar, and footer container. You can get Google 

    AdSense approval from this theme. You can show your ads in the footer and header.

    MD camp Blogger template

    In this template, you can get sidebar labels and popular posts. It is amazing to 

    show your article. The main features of this template are simple, fast, and SEO 

    friendly. So, YOu can download this template for free.


    GooAMP is also a Professional Looking Blogger template used for your 

    daily news article, magazine, and event blogging. 

    It has a two-column blog posts item and it has a box shadow.  

    You can get Google SEO pack help to rank Your website URL and Article fast. 

    This template was created by Goomsite. It doesn't use any plugins so, the HTML size of this template is small.

    Goo AMP

    The schema markup code is available in different sections like header, content wrapper, body, footer, and other important sections of this template. You can add different sidebar elements like labels and Feature posts, Popular posts, etc.


    Sahabat is a clean and simple blogger template. This is fast loading and

     Acceleration mobile page blogger template

    In this template, You get a social icon at the top of the header and your logo and the Title of your show on the Left top header. 

    It is also Search engine friendly. It has already an SEO Schema markup code 

    available in the HTML section. 

    Sahabot Blogger Template

    This template is a small HTML size and it doesn't use any plugin and CDN js.

     More 90+ speed in Mobile devices. You can check by copying the Demo URL link 

    and pasting it into Google Speed insights. So, You get an accurate result from this template.


    Mag One provides professional looking for Your Website. 

    It provides  Drop down menu, Megamenu, and Complex menu, and other

     Quick links. 

    It has a features slide show that you can easily customizable and add your article. 

    In the sidebar, You can get Real-time social followers to count, and also easy to add your blogger element like Google Feedburner, Labels, popular posts, etc.

    Mag One Blogger Template

    It is fast loading and Searches engine-friendly blogger template. You can use this template for multiple purposes like a news website, coupon site, and personal. 

    Your article image is shown in Top of the Posts and is totally responsible for all devices like mobile and desktop. Please follow this link to get the XML file of this theme.

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