The most Basics Factor of Google SEO

 The content is very good, the external links are great, and all the google SEO skills can be used, but the ranking is not up!

     Google SEO

    what reason? Google doesn't trust you. The exact point is that the trust rank of your website is too low!

    Therefore, it is necessary for you to take a look at this detailed strategy for well-known foreign SEO experts!

    Text below

    Although I don't want to tell you, I still have to say that your website may be disgusted by Google.

    Maybe your website is now ranking very well, but once the next Google update comes, its ranking will drop quickly.

    And the scary thing is that ordinary methods such as updating high-quality content, establishing relevant external links, and reducing anchor text external links cannot make the website please Google.

    To solve this problem, the way is: to obtain the trust of Google.

    In this article, I will teach you how to gain the trust of Google, so that you no longer have to worry about ranking fluctuations caused by Google's algorithm update.

    First, let’s introduce TrustRank

    I don’t know how much you know about Google’s Penguin algorithm.

    Do you also think that the goal of the Google Penguin algorithm is to solve the problem of over-optimization of anchor text? Maybe your answer is no, but I believe that if you ask ten SEOers who have learned about the Penguin algorithm, nine of them will answer yes.

    Actually not!

    We look at the picture below:

    This is the anchor text composition diagram of a website that survived the Penguin algorithm. The website URL is, In the Google search keyword: cabbage soup diet, the top-ranking is this website.

    But according to my calculations, 65% of the anchor texts on this website are variants of the word cabbage soup diet, and 30% of them are exactly this word, which can actually be regarded as a very serious anchor text. Over-optimized, but after experiencing the Penguin algorithm, it still ranks ahead of Google.

    Why is this happening? The reason is simple, that is Google's trust!

    The entire Google SEO world has been sourced from MicroSiteMasters.comAn article from ( ) I’m brainwashed, thinking that all the content of Penguin Algorithm is over-optimized around fighting anchor text.

    After comparing the websites that were dropped by the Penguin algorithm and the websites that survived, these people came to the following conclusions:

    Every independent website we checked that was punished by the Penguin algorithm had an over-optimized main keyword, and more than 60% of the website's incoming links used this main keyword.

    The above conclusion can be said to be simpler: if your website is punished by Google Penguin, it must be due to the problem of over-optimization of anchor text.

    Because of the problem with this article, many Google SEOers believed this conclusion, began to change their SEO strategy and began to rapidly reduce and delete the site’s anchor text links. However, I don’t think so, because a sentence in the article was ignored by many people:

    (The proportion of main keyword anchor text exceeding 60% does not guarantee that you will be penalized by Google, because many unaffected websites have a higher proportion.)

    Obviously, this article also admits similar accidents to the cabbage soup diet. Therefore, the core of the Google Penguin algorithm is not only to combat excessive optimization of anchor text.

    Then, I also analyzed a lot of websites that were punished by Penguins and those that were not affected. I found that the difference between the two is the trust of Google.

    On this point, I am not the only one who thinks so.

    MOZ has a set of Google trust standards (they call it: MozTrust) and found the following rules:

    Pages with high Moz rankings but with a large gap between Moz rankings and Moz trust are often not as good as those with low Moz rankings but with little difference between Moz rankings and Moz trust. (Original: "A webpage with a high MozRank but large MozRank-MozTrust disparity usually performs poorly in search engines when it is compared against a web page with a lower MozRank but smaller MozRank-MozTrust disparity.")

    In my observation, I also found that Moz's trust is closely related to Google rankings.

    In other words, trust can not only help you solve the problems caused by Google's algorithm update, but it is also useful for improving your website's ranking.

    Another use of trust: guard against "optimization" attacks from competitors

    There are a lot of discussions about negative SEO (negative SEO: buying a lot of spam links to competitors to crack down on competitors' websites!). The power of negative SEO in these discussions has been greatly exaggerated.


    As I said: Google will not punish sites it trusts.

    A competitor of mine bought 25,000 spam comments on my website.

    But my website has not been affected at all. The reason is simple Google trusts my website and it understands that I would not do such a thing.

    However, if this kind of thing happens on a website that Google trusts very low, then the situation is completely different.

    Google trust is so important, let’s talk about how to get Google’s trust.

    1. Page trust optimization:

    Below I will teach you how to improve Google’s trust through page optimization.

    Set the export link on the page to link to a good website. You can find many websites, such as The Huffington Post (Huffington Post) and com (New York Times), they will have numerous export links to related websites in each article. This is something that almost every major or well-known website will do. You have to know that the website you link to will in turn affect you. Of course, when exporting links, try to export them to edu, gov, or related websites with high weight and reputation, so that the effect will be better.

    Privacy Policy, Terms: Make sure that your website has a detailed privacy policy, terms of use or affiliate disclosure (privacy policy, terms of use and/or affiliate disclosure). Although these things are very boring, Google takes them very seriously. This can be seen from the fact that Google requires all AdWords advertisers to provide such pages on their websites.

    Bounce rate and blocking rate: Google has taken user feedback as an important factor in ranking, and they have even considered how many Google Chrome users have blocked your site. You can think about how to spam a website before others can block it directly. The same is true for high bounce rates. You can think about it, if the website provides trustworthy content, then why should people rush to leave? Therefore, we must pay more attention to the bounce rate and stay time given by Google Analytics.

    References and Sources: Imagine that with detailed references and source entries attached to your page, Google will think that your content has been carefully investigated (and legal).

    2. How to make your website look like a big brand:

    Brands have had a great influence on Google rankings recently.

    So how do we build a brand for the website? It's actually very simple. You only need to understand that Google is just a ranking machine for websites. It cannot distinguish the famous brands as clearly as the human brain, but can only distinguish brands through some information on the Internet.

    But they take the brand very seriously because they will give a good trust to the brand website.

    Regarding brands, Google’s CEO once said the following: Brands are not problems but solutions. Brands will let us distinguish the cesspool ("Brands are the solution, not the problem...brands are how you sort out the cesspool")

    Below, I will teach you how to make your website look like a big brand.

    To do with the brand and website domain names, originally made entirely of keyword domain names and websites approach is outdated, now is a good method brand name with keywords, such as com, then this MostComfortableMaleThongsX.comMuch better.

    Make the about us page detailed, think about it, the big brand website will definitely have a detailed about us page to introduce their company, introduce their goals, mission and vision, and of course, have a detailed development history and brand story. .

    Active social accounts, there is no doubt that any major brand will not ignore the power of social interaction, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., especially LinkedIn, if you want Google to think you are a big Brand, these are essential.

    Let the brand become a keyword. What is a brand recognized by others? Obviously, when people search for video sites, they will directly search YouTube, and when they search social platforms, they will directly search Facebook. These are brand keywords, but they can be used instead. In a certain industry, if people search for your brand to enter your website, Google's recognition is almost a matter of course. How to do this, first of all, you have to ensure the quality of your website, and use the brand name more when making anchor text links.

    Use the brand name as the anchor text link. Of course, a better way is to encourage others to reprint your article and use your brand name as the source link. For example, if your website is com, you can request anchor text links like "Thongs 4 Less" as much as possible.

    3. Domain name registration information should be true and clear:

    You may not know that Google is not only a search engine but also a domain name registrar, right? It's just that they don't sell domain names. They can solve a series of problems by querying your whois information. You can imagine that if you are an ICANN-certified domain name registrar and can always check the whois information of all domain names, you will How to judge which websites are trustworthy and which are not?

    So, below I will teach you how to change your domain name information to gain the trust of Google.

    Use domain names that have been registered for more than two years. This is very simple. An old man who has been in a certain industry for a long time is definitely more trustworthy than a newcomer. This is common sense.

    Make the domain name information public. If a company is real and powerful, then he doesn't mind disclosing its domain name information (domain name holder, address, email, phone number, age, etc.), this is Google's logic.

    Let whois information appear on the contact us page of the website. If the information on your contact us page (business address, email address, phone number, etc.) can correspond well to whois, it will undoubtedly greatly increase Google’s trust in you, and it also shows that your website is transparent, open, and authentic. . Of course, on the privacy policy page, the information in whois should appear as much as possible, especially the office address. If you can convince Google that your office address is reliable, he will feel relieved.

    You may think that the above are all trivial details and useless, but you can imagine that there are two websites:

    A: Whois information is not allowed to be viewed by anyone. The company address and contact information cannot be determined, the domain name and website have been established within one month.

    B: Whois information is completely public, whois information is consistent with the contact page information (Google thinks this is true), and the domain name and website have been established for more than two years.

    Do you think A website is more trustworthy??

    4. Trustworthy external chain

    What we are going to talk about next is very important. Just like everything in the Google world, trust is closely related to external links.

    In the Google system, trust also follows the six-dimensional space theory.

    As shown below:

    Usually, there will be a batch of trusted seed sites in Google, such as .govs, .edus,, DMOZ etc. These sites can be called trust gradients.

    Therefore, many websites that are highly trusted by Google have obtained external links from these websites. These websites that are highly trusted by Google that directly obtain the external links of seed websites are called trust gradients.

    It is difficult to directly obtain the external links of seed websites, but if we can obtain many external links of trust gradient websites, it will also be of great help to enhancing trust.

    as follows:

    Seed website → your website (excellent)

    Seed website → a certain website → your website (good)

    Seed website → certain website → your website (almost useless)

    Therefore, when you want to obtain the external link of a certain website, it is also necessary to check its external link source.

    For example, the following two websites:

    A: PR3, but there are two external links from torrent sites.

    B: PR5, there are no external links from seed sites. Most of the external sources are blog comment external links and guest blog external links.

    Which would you choose? If it were me, I would definitely choose Site A. The reason is very simple. Site A will pass part of the trust from the seed site to me, and Site B may be dropped next time Google updates, and it will be given to me. The website has a very bad influence.

    5. External link from Google News

    In the eyes of Google, sites that can be selected for Google News are highly trusted sites.

    The reason is simple, news should be trustworthy (almost every article in Google News is manually censored)

    So, if a piece of information (for example the earth is about to explode tomorrow) appears in Google News, it is probably true!

    So, if you can get external links from Google News, the trust of the website is almost no longer a problem, but it is a very difficult job.

    Let's summarize the points we need to operate on in order to gain Google's trust:

    The website must have a link to a good website

    Privacy policy, application terms, and additional explanation pages should be detailed

    Ensure web page quality, extend user retention time, reduce bounce rate, and avoid user blocking

    Add article citations and sources as appropriate at the bottom of the page.

    Use the brand plus keywords to make the domain name and website name

    Detailed About Us page (looks like an introduction to a large company)

    Active social accounts

    Article ranking to be the anchor text of the external link

    Use domain names that have been registered for more than two years

    The whois information of the domain name is truly public

    The address information and contact information that are consistent with the whois information appear on the contact us page

    When you get the external link of a website, remember to check the source of the external link of this website. If there is a seed website in his external link, then you must find a way to obtain the external link of this website.

    Find a way to get the external link of Google News.

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