What to do if the CPU does not support Windows 11 system

 What should I do if the CPU does not support the latest Windows 11 system? Today I will share with you the solution to the CPU not supporting Windows 11 system, I hope you like it.

Does the CPU support Windows 11 system:

 The most historically updated Windows 11 system, many rumors want to try to update, but due to hardware reasons, most of my friends can not use the Windows 11 system, then how to solve the CPU does not support the Windows 11 system? The following script home editor will share with you the solution steps for cpu not supporting Windows 11.

Win11 CPU does not support solutions:

1. The most convenient solution is to choose to replace the CPU or stick to win10 without upgrading the win11 system.

2. It can be seen that the minimum processor requirement of the win11 system is: 1GHZ or faster and supports 64-bit processors.

3. As long as the minimum configuration requirements are met, you can upgrade.

4. In fact, many users who do not meet the CPU requirements will also receive the update push request. You can wait patiently.

5. There is also to enter the bios settings, click "OC (overclocking) → CPU features (processor attributes) → Eexecute disable bit (execute disable bit)",

Finally, set it to "Enabled".

The above is the solution steps that are not supported by the Windows 11 system CPU shared by the editor of Script Home. If you encounter this problem, you can install the above steps to solve it. I hope it can help you solve it!

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