Responsive and Unfastened Blogger Templates! 2022

Are you searching out responsive blogger templates? Blogger as a mature blog platform has provided a diffusion of attractive responsive templates. But, if the default template isn't to your liking, the use of a 3rd-birthday party template is probably an answer.

    Responsive and Unfastened Blogger Templates! 2022

    But, what if you need to apply it free of charge? No need to worry. In this newsletter, we are able to overview 30+ unfastened responsive blogger templates that you can use.

     Why use responsive blogger templates?

    After seeing all responsive blogger templates, a number of you can ask: "why should you operate a responsive template?"

    Responsive design is a design approach in which the internet site has to be capable of carrying out well on diverse display sizes, especially on mobile devices. 

    So, what is the reason for the use of responsive design for your blog?

    1. Seek engine preferred:

    Because April 21, 2015, google has decided that websites that are able to carry out well on cell gadgets will get priority ranking in search engines like google and yahoo. 

    This is, if you no longer observe these conditions, your weblog can not be on the first page of search consequences. Even in case, your content is of excessive best, if it makes it difficult for cellular users to get entry to it, Google will no longer advocate it. 

    2. Attain more people:

    In recent times the general public accessed the net thru their mobile gadgets. In reality, 58% of all website visitors come from cell devices. 

    So, in case you want to reach extra humans to visit your weblog, your internet site ought to have a responsive layout. 

    3. No longer left through site visitors:

    If net customers go to your weblog and it doesn't look correct on their cellphone, they will go away right now. 

    From a study, google says sixty one% of these customers will now not come back again and even forty% of them without delay transfer to competitor blogs. 

    For a commercial enterprise blog or freelancer weblog, this has a completely serious effect. 

    Also read a way to completely delete a blog on Blogspot and WordPress.

    4. Look, extra expert:

    Specifically for the ones of you who're constructing a commercial enterprise weblog or portfolio, using a responsive blogger template will display your professionalism. Because site visitors get a pleasing revel in travelling your weblog. 

    There are also many picks of responsive blogger templates that you could use? Of path, all of the options above make you bendier in beautifying the appearance of your weblog. 

    Besides being attractive, responsive blogger templates also guarantee desirable performance to your weblog. This is very much needed by your site visitors. Accordingly, visitors could be more at ease to linger for your weblog.

    We have compiled 30+ responsive blogger templates for you. Our advice, use a template that suits the type of blog you have.  

    1. Typography

    Responsive Typography Blogger Template

    For those of you who build a Blogger-based blog by prioritizing writing, this is the template for you. Typography is suitable for personal blogs or blogs for writers to show their work.

    This blogger template is very minimalist, making it easier for you to write down ideas without being confused about choosing the right image.

    As the name implies, Typography uses a type of font that is easy to read. The goal is to make your visitors want to linger to read your interesting posts. 

    Don't worry about the performance of this template. Typography is SEO friendly and has fast loading times. Not only that, this blogger template is fully responsive and has many features, such as auto-resize thumbnails and others.

    2. Button

    Responsive Button Blogger Template

    If you are looking for a minimalist blogger template with two columns, Button is your choice. Its fresh appearance can be used for personal blogs, as well as blogs with the theme of home decoration, parenting, and fashion

    To make it look concise, Button has provided a drop-down menuAt the top, you will also find a variety of social media icons that allow visitors to share ( share ) preferred articles with their friends. 

    Not only that, this blogger template already supports Google Fonts with more font choices. Unfortunately, the free version of this template doesn't support SEO yet. However, you can use it on multiple domains and it will stay updated for life. 

    3. NeoMag

    NeoMag Responsive Blogger Template

    Building a magazine blog using NeoMag is certainly the right choice. The reason is, that this blogger template is designed to highlight the featured image beautifully. 

    You can also use this template for other types of blogs such as personal or business blogs that require a clean layoutBecause it carries a simple but elegant concept, NeoMag takes a short time to load the page. 

    While you can use this template for free, you have to be willing to skip updates and not get support.

    4. Pilvia

    Pilvia Responsive Blogger Template

    Pilvia is a responsive blogger template made using Bootstrap. By using this framework, of course, a beautiful appearance on both desktop and mobile is guaranteed.

    This template is indeed the most suitable for your portfolio blog. Don't worry though, Pilvia is actually a multipurpose template. This means that it can be used for other types of blogs such as personal or business blogs. 

    Do you use Adsense? Pilvia can be the right choice because this template has been optimized for Adsense. 

    Apart from that, Pilvia is also SEO friendly and has a choice of custom widgets to make your blog stand out. 

    5. Ratio

    Responsive Ratio Blogger Template

    If a variety of interesting photos are your mainstay of attracting visitors, use Ratio for your blog. 

    This responsive blogger template looks minimalist with elegant red accents. Switching between pages is not difficult thanks to the dropdown menu that is presented at the top of this template. 

    The use of easy-to-read fonts makes the experience of visiting your blog even more enjoyable with this blogger template. Not to forget, the SEO friendly feature is also embedded in Ratio making it easier for internet users to find your blog. 

    6. StudioPress

    StudioPress Responsive Blogger Template

    Are you a web designer? Or a photographer? Whatever your job, StudioPress is a blogger template created for creative industry players. 

    So, using this template for your portfolio blog or freelance business is perfect. Its clean and simple appearance gives a professional impression. 

    Whatever browser your blog visitors use, it doesn't matter. StudioPress is tested on almost all browsers with optimal speed. 

    One of the advantages of this template is the charming lazy loading animation. In fact, this template has a feature to easily change the theme colours. 

    7. Sanai

    Sanai Responsive Blogger Template

    When you see this blogger template, you might immediately think of the Grammarly blogThe nuances that are built at a glance are the same, huh?

    Sanai is a responsive blogger template that has been optimized in terms of speed. Thus, your visitors do not have to wait long when accessing your blog. 

    Whatever type of blog you are, you can try this multipurpose template. Sanai has an elegant look, with a balance between easy-to-read font choices and appropriate image sizes. 

    Not only that, Sanai is equipped with a Subscribe Box that serves to facilitate visitors who want to always get updates about your blog. 

    8. Ubook

    Ubook Responsive Blogger Template

    Are you inspired to follow in the footsteps of Stefanie Sugia or SulisThey are bloggers who like to review various books. 

    If so, Ubook is a responsive blogger template that you can choose. It looks simple and the arrangement of images for the book cover is very proportional. 

    Supported by easy-to-read fonts, your blog can be a “heaven” for book lovers. Because they will definitely look for a book review that they will buy first. 

    Various important features have been embedded in this template. Call it, social sharing that allows visitors to share information through their social media. Not only that, this template is also Ads ready for those of you who plan to display ads to generate income. 

    9. Instaset

    Instaset Responsive Blogger Template

    Instaset is our next multipurpose responsive blogger templateYou can use it for fashion and lifestyle blogs, or business blogs. 

    The appearance of this blogger template is quite professional by relying on a slider containing four portrait photos arranged in symmetrical rows. The proportional dominance of black and white makes a professionally built look visible. 

    Don't worry about how it looks on your phone, this template is already mobile-friendlyNot only that, InstaSet is also Ads Ready for those of you who plan to earn through your blog. 

    10. ViralNews

    ViralNews Responsive Blogger Template

    Are you interested in creating a news blog and registering it with Google News? ViralNews deserves your choice for your news blog template. 

    ViralNews looks like a famous news portal that you visit frequently. Starting from the header banner space to show the name of your news blog, a row of menus to set the category of news presented, to a slider to display hot newsAll are well available. 

    Actually, this blogger template is adapted from a WordPress theme. Because it has become a favourite of many bloggers, a responsive version of the blogger template was made that you can download for free.

    So, if you want a responsive blogger template that is equipped with breadcrumbs and is SEO friendly, ViralNews should not be missed. 

    11. Rosemary

    Rosemary Responsive Blogger Template

    The first impression when I saw this blogger template was elegant and luxurious! Rosemary is one of the best blogger templates that can help your blog stand out. 

    Although this template is suitable for all types of blogs, Rosemary is more suitable for you to use for blogs related to fashion and beauty. The reason, Rosemary is designed to display the best photos beautifully. 

    So, a row of photos of your business products or beauty products that you are reviewing will stand out. 

    This template is equipped with various features to make your blog quickly known through a complete social media widget. In addition, there is an admin layout that makes it easier for you to organize your blog layout. 

    Not only that, but with the auto author image feature, it will be easier to display your photos in every post you make. 

    12. Fashion Gossip

    Fashion Gossip Responsive Blogger Template

    Do you have a fashion-themed blog that covers a lot of outfits of the day (OOTD) from FashionistasFashion Gossip could be the right template choice. 

    The reason is, that this template adopts a minimalist yet classy design, like famous fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Elle

    You just focus on the content you create. Because this blogger template already has a variety of features to make your blog look attractive. Starting from the featured slider to display a variety of featured reviews, to a customizable search column. 

    This responsive blogger template is easy to install and SEO friendly. Don't worry about the ease of sharing articles on social media thanks to the integrated social media button feature

    13. Base

    Responsive Blogger Template

    If you want to build a photography blog like Feature Shoot, you should consider Base as your blogger template.

    With a two-column design that displays your content in a boxed style, Base can help your blog stand out. In addition, the presence of a slider at the top will immediately attract the attention of visitors to your featured post

    All your photos will be able to be displayed beautifully by this template. 

    However, Base isn't just for photography blogs. You can use this SEO friendly template for fashion, lifestyle, and handmade products blogs.

    14. Reading 

    Responsive Reading Blogger Template

    Want to build a blog with a monochrome theme? Reading can be your choice. The display presented by this blogger template, along with the layout of the image, is able to give an exclusive impression. 

    Various types of blogs can use this template, from portfolio blogs to business blogs.

    Not only in terms of appearance, but Reading can also be relied on to load pages quickly. This blogger template has also been optimized for SEO so that it can help you increase the number of visits to your blog. 

    15. Couture

    Responsive Couture Blogger Template

    Another multipurpose blogger template with a clean design concept enters our list. Couture features a beautiful featured box to showcase your favourite posts. 

    If you are building a lifestyle blog or a DIY ( Do It Yourself ) creation blog, Couture will make content the main focus of visitors. Not to forget, Couture also embeds a smooth scroll feature to make the reading experience more comfortable. 

    This blogger template allows you to be creative with font and colour customization. Of course to match the theme of your blog. 

    No need to doubt the ability to look beautiful on the phone. Couture is 100% fully responsiveNot only that, this blogger template is fully SEO optimized.

    16. Edward-Stella

    Edward-Stella Template View

    For those of you who have a wedding organizer business, having a blog to support your business is certainly the right step. Then, what is the right template for your blog?

    Edward-Stella could be the answer! This responsive blogger template is specially made for wedding blogs. You can display the best wedding photos from your clients at the same time in order to introduce your skills as a wedding organizer

    Not only that, you can share our successful wedding business on your blog. The choice of icons, colour themes and the type of font used further strengthen the romantic impression that is built. 

    Edward-Stella comes with a choice of page types and layouts, both wide and square. This blogger template is also search engine optimized and responsive. 

    17. SEO Rocket

    SEORocket Template Display

    You will find a crowded impression when you see this blogger template. Yes, SEORocket is indeed a template designed for personal blogs, magazines, news and even business blogs. 

    In addition to its fresh and modern appearance, SEORocket also has special features in its features. SEOBoost ensures that the coding of this template is done well. The result is a page loading speed that only takes 350 milliseconds. 

    Not only that, based on checking the Google Insight Usability Test, the results obtained are 100/100. This means that this template will look optimal on all screens of mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.).

    18. Nivan

    Nivan Template View

    Nivan will at first glance remind you of the HelpScout blog, a platform for customer service. The difference is, Nivan is dominated by green colour and has a right sidebar.

    This template is suitable for creative workers to showcase their work on their blogs. If you are an illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer, Nivan can be the right choice for your portfolio blog. 

    The various features that you can get in the free version of Nivan include a featured post slider that displays your best posts, a sleek footer that makes your blog look more minimalist, and Google Font ready which gives you the option to change the font to your liking. 

    19. StylishNews

    StylishNews Template Display

    You can certainly guess that StylishNews is a responsive blogger template specifically for news or magazine blogs. 

    StylishNews is equipped with a dropdown menu that makes navigation between categories easy for your visitors. Not only that, this template is equipped with a grid slider to display up to eight featured news.

    Like news blog templates, StylishNews is equipped with the MultiAuthor featureIn addition, if visitors want to enjoy your blog content, the presence of a smooth scroll will make the reading experience more comfortable.

    StylishNews is 100% SEO-friendly and fully responsive.

    20. Conversion

    Display Template Conversion

    Conversion is the next multipurpose blogger template on our list. For both personal and business blogs, this template is able to look professional as well as attractive. 

    This template has a slider at the top with six featured postsIn the body content section, a simple design with a clean design concept makes this blogger template worth trying. Not to forget, the choice of font used is also comfortable to read on various screen sizes.

    Other features of Conversion include ads ready, compatible with popular browsers, and an integrated social share button for easy sharing of articles via social media.

    21. MeshMag

    MeshMag Template View

    If you want to have an automotive blog like Indobikermags or a traveller blog like The Naked Traveler, you can choose MeshMag as your blog template. 

    This blogger template is not only SEO optimized but also fully responsive. 

    If you want to enrich your blog with sidebar widgets, don't worry. MeshMag offers unlimited widgets that will not degrade the performance of your blog. Not only that, you can display ads on your blog easily with the Ads Ready feature. 

    Unfortunately, you have to buy the premium version to get various features such as multiple sliderscustomized sidebars, and multiple authors

    22. Creative

    Creative Template Display

    As the name implies, Creative is intended to build blogs with creative themes, be it photography, fashion, crafts, DIY tips ( Do it Yourself ), and others.

    Creative has two types of themes that you can choose according to the design you want to apply. Not only are different layouts, but the two types of sliders offered are also no less interesting. 

    Not only that, the features of this responsive blogger template are very complete. One of them is infinite scrolling which makes it easy for visitors to easily explore your best content. Interestingly, this feature can be turned on/off as you wish. 

    To make the overall visitor experience enjoyable, the hover effect animation is even more pleasing to the eye. 

    23. Elise

    Elise Template View

    Do you want to build parentingfashion or lifestyle blogElise is worth a try. 

    This simple and modern template is one of the best blogger templates that you can use for free. 

    Boasting beautiful typography and cool hover effects, Elise will certainly be a template that helps you make visitors feel at home for a long. No less interesting, of course, is the featured carousel feature that will immediately grab the attention of visitors when they first come. 

    In addition, Elise is equipped with customized comment featuresintegrated social media buttons and search widgetsComplete, right?

    24. Martin

    Martin Template View

    If some of the portfolio blogger templates above haven't been able to make your choice, Martin could be your choice. 

    Starting from website designers, web developers and programmers, you can use this template.

    At the top of the blog, you can display your photos or your best work. Then, at the bottom, you can display all the works on a beautifully arranged masonry menu. 

    You can even provide a brief description of your work. The goal is to show your expertise in a particular field. 

    Martin applies a responsive layout that will still look good on various mobile devicesApart from that, Martin is SEO friendly and is already optimized for AdSense if you want to earn extra from advertising.

    25. FooddyBlog

    Fooddy Blog Template Display

    Among the many templates for food blogging, FooddyBlog is one of the best. 

    By using this template, you can display the results of your culinary creations well. Not only is the design elegant, but sharing recipes on social media will become easier. Because the integrated share button is in each post by displaying a unique animation. 

    FooddyBlog comes up with a simple concept with a two-column boxed-style displayThis template also supports SEO and is 100% mobile-responsive

    Can't wait to display your favourite recipes? You can download this template for free. However, of course with slightly limited features.

    26. Oracle

    Oracle Template View

    If you have a craft, interior design, and clothing business, using a simple blogger template like Oracle is the best choice. 

    You can build a blog like Etsy's elegant one. The difference is, that Etsy uses a three-column concept, while this template uses a full-page design ( one-pager ). 

    In addition to a design that allows you to stand out more artistically, the choice of fonts used makes it even more exclusive. The Serif font type in this template is suitable for building trust and brand identity

    In terms of features, Oracle supports cross-browser compatibility and is also SEO friendly

    27. Alpha

    Alpha Template Display

    Alpha is a responsive blogger template that carries a simple but intuitive concept. 

    Featuring a fairly extensive featured image slider, this template can be used to build a good personal blog, magazine and portfolio. Our advice, use the best photo on the image slider to avoid blurry photos.

    However, make sure the uploaded file size is not too large so as not to sacrifice performance. 

    Then, what are the features of this Alpha template? Starting from the presence of mega menus, numbered pages, and customized widgets to super admin panelsAll are available in full. 

    If you want to customize some menus, you are required to buy the Premium version.

    28. Games

    Games Template Display

    For those gamers who want to build a blog like KotakGame or Gamebrott, SoraGames could be an interesting choice template. 

    Your game blog will be able to display the latest game reviews as well as tips and tricks to play the game more interestingly. Whatever type of game you are showing. Starting from First Person Shooter (FPS), Role Play Games (RPG) to adventure. 

    Especially after eSports were tested at the 2018 Sea Games, the enthusiasm of gamers has increased.

    In terms of appearance, SoraGames puts forward a featured image slider for the latest news or game reviews. In addition, this template is also equipped with social media buttons to share articles on social media. 

    Not to forget, SoraGames can also be accessed via mobile phones with an equally good appearance thanks to the responsive mobile features.

    29. VideoPlay

    VideoPlay Template Display

    VideoPlay is a responsive blogger template for video streaming blogs. 

    Make your blog a better means of displaying a variety of videos from your YouTube channel. Because this template has many menus to categorize the videos you have. 

    Not only that, various features ranging from sliders to hover effects will make it look more attractive. 

    Let's say you have a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube. With this template, you can build an educational blog with video media. The more videos you have, the more likely you are to have loyal visitors to your educational blog. 

    30. Momma's Love

    Momma's Love Template Display

    As the name implies, this blogger template is suitable for parenting blogs that use the concept of a magazine layout. 

    Momma's Love can be a great choice for you to build a blog like The Hamsa Family or Grace Melia.

    This template has a variety of features, from the featured post slider to install the four best posts, to the ease of customizing the colours and fonts that you will use. 

    Momma's Love doesn't miss the social media sharing and mobile responsive features to make it easy to access via cellphone.

    31. Folio

    Folio Template Display

    It's incomplete if you miss Folio as one of the best blogger templates. This template with a one-pager concept looks very exclusive and professional for building a portfolio blog. 

    All creative workers, from videographers to illustrators can use this template. In fact, for freelance workers from online businesses such as writers, this template can be the best choice. 

    The features in the Folio are also very complete. Visitors to your blog will be amazed by the various animations that are displayed. There is also a slider feature that you can place in the centre of your blog. 

    What is quite encouraging is that the social media sharing options offered are very complete, from Twitter to LinkedIn

    32. Blazing

    Blazing Template View

    Another responsive blogger template that deserves to be the mainstay of illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers to display their work. Blazing is a template that optimally accentuates your blog's content. 

    With the featured box feature offered, your work and the digital products you sell will be well displayed.

    Blazing also allows you to customize the colours as you need them. Not only that, this template with a two-column concept features a number page navigation, comment widget and customizable header.

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