Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 IOS AIO 32/64 2022

 Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 2019 long-term service version 1809 (OS build 17763.2145) cumulative update will be pushed on August 26, 2021. Remember the original intention to streamline and optimize the Win10 streamlined version has been updated, this streamlined version can update patches, pure and without third-party software and OEM information.

    This disc was taken from copies of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 English raw, original, not deleted Or modified the copies, except to add all updates at all until 16-08-2021

    1. Characteristic description

    ltsc continues to update, MSDN windows10 _ltsc_2019 17763.316 is used as the master disk to streamline the
    integrated patch. The final version is 17763.2145, which can be updated normally. This time, the patch is mainly integrated.

    1. The automatic update function is normal.
    2. Pure without any third-party software.
    3. Pursue stability without over-optimization, and work normally.
    4. Print Bluetooth fingerprint sharing Microsoft account calculator screen projection firewall remote desktop tablet mode can be used normally. (If you need to use the fingerprint and facial recognition Microsoft account, please use the self-
    created account version, the built-in administrator version does not support) 5. Picture files are not opened by "Drawing" by default.
    6. The IE homepage is set to Baidu by default. The original version is to open Microsoft first and then jump to Baidu.
    7. Provide a Windows store installation package.
    8. Provide camera APP installation package.
    9. Provide a photo installation package.

    # Enable function .NET Framework 3.5

    2. Streamlined components

    1. [Self-built account version] Remove the following components:

    Remove Cortana (Cortana) Remove the .NET assembly cache
    Remove Windows Defender (antivirus) Remove AddSuggestedFoldersToLibraryDialog
    Remove Windows Mixed Reality Remove AllJoyn Router Service
    Remove Windows Reader (PDF) Remove AppResolverUX
    Remove Windows Recovery Remove AssignedAccessLockApp
    Remove the Windows CD image burning tool Remove CBSPreview
    Remove Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) Remove CredDialogHost
    Remove the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program CEIP (SQM) Remove DVD playback
    Remove Xbox app Remove ECApp
    Remove streaming Remove EdgeDevToolsClient
    Remove Hyper component Remove FileExplorer
    Remove map control Remove FilePicker
    Remove safety centre Remove Intel Indeo encoder
    Remove wallet service Remove LockApp
    Remove easy delivery Remove NarratorQuickStart
    Remove picture password Remove NFS management tools
    Remove voice TTS Remove OOBENetworkCaptivePortal
    Remove speech recognition Remove OOBENetworkConnectionFlow
    Remove compressed files sent to ZIP Remove PeopleExperienceHost
    Remove sent to the fax recipient Remove PinningConfirmationDialog
    Remove remote registry Remove Recovery Reset support
    Remove infrequently used keyboards Remove Shared PC mode
    Remove uncommon languages Remove Skype ORTC
    Remove step recorder Remove Targeted Content service
    Remove application virtualization (App-V) Remove Telnet client
    Remove the Video Compression Manager (VCM) encoder Remove TFTP client
    Remove retail demo content Remove Time Travel Debugger (Time Travel Debugger TTD)
    Remove game explorer Remove TV Tuner encoding and support
    Remove cache and temporary files Remove Webcam Experience
    Remove isolated user mode (IUM) Remove Win32WebViewHost
    Remove spatial audio (3D Audio) Remove XGpuEjectDialog
    Remove file server resource manager Remove Work Folders Client
    Remove payment and NFC/SE manager Remove the Windows subsystem for Linux
    Remove user experience virtualization (UE-V) Remove device lock (Embedded Experience)

    2. [Admin Administrator Account Edition] On the basis of the above self-built account version, remove the following components:

    Remove fingerprint facial recognition Remove permission management support
    Remove the first login animation Remove settings sync
    Remove (IIS) (Internet Information Service) Remove sync centre
    Remove BioEnrollment Remove offline files
    Remove Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer (MIDI) Remove Point of Service (service point, POS related)
    Remove Phone Service Remove the remote access automatic dial manager (RasAuto service)

    3. [Self-built (store + Xbox component)] The following components are reserved on the basis of the self-built account version:

    Keep Cortana (Cortana)

    4. [Self-built (store + Xbox component)] Remove or keep the following components on the basis of the self-built account version:

    Remove Telephony (phone) Keep Xbox app
    Remove (IIS) (Internet Information Service) Keep Game Explorer
    Remove Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer (MIDI) Keep XGpuEjectDialog
    Remove Phone Service
    Remove Point of Service (service point, POS related)
    Remove the remote access automatic dial manager (RasAuto service)
    Remove sync centre
    Windows 10 LTSC 2019 does not forget the original pure and streamlined version

    3. Optimize content

    Focus lock screen windows ban
    prohibiting the built-in administrator account pipes buried Approval Mode
    prohibit login first animation (except for the self-built version of the account)
    prohibits the use SmartScreen online service to check the inside of IE pages A
    Enable login screen appears when the recovery (recovery from the desktop screen saver)
    CD burning capabilities ban
    prohibiting the use of a-line services within Smartscreen detection Edge browser Wang Yuan
    ban occasionally in the "start" screen displays suggestions
    prohibit sending information about my writing habit to Microsoft, in order to improve the type and write in the future Function
    Prohibit to get more interesting elements, tips and tricks on the lock screen.
    Prohibit to open the SmartScreen filter to check the web content used by the Windows App Store.
    Prohibit the collection of writing text (ink-ink) to make Windows and Xiaona better you understand
    prohibit the collection of contacts and make Windows a better understanding of Huna you
    collect typed text prohibits a better understanding of Huna and you
    disable the automatic installation of the proposed application
    is prohibited by sending input data to the Microsoft user to personalize user speech input, keyboard input, and ink entry
    ban pre-installed OEM applications
    prohibit pre-installed application
    to disable system restore Cortana adjusted taskbar is hidden (Huna version display icon)
    to hide the "task view" button to
    always show all icons on the taskbar And notifications
    Never merge when the taskbar is full.
    Adjust the user account (UAC) to Never notify

    Are not allowed in the Start menu display is recommended
    to close the Find related applications in the App Store
    application is closed merchandising
    closed "Get tips and suggestions when using the Windows"
    close "Highlight newly installed programs"
    disable the automatic installation of the recommended application
    close the game recording tools (open version of the game)
    login screen by default keypad
    displays "this computer" when you open Explorer to
    display all file extensions
    hidden executable file small shield
    to hide the blue arrow NTFS compression tag
    does not add "shortcut" text when you create a shortcut
    Collapse the Explorer ribbon.
    Disable autoplay
    . Display the full path when the Explorer window is minimized.
    Quick access does not display frequently used folders.
    Quick access does not display recently used files. Hide the language bar to the
    Hide the help button
    on the language bar. Display "This Computer"
    on the desktop Display "Recycle Bin"
    on the desktop Display "Control Panel on the desktop
    Hide the library in the
    Explorer window
    Hide the favourites in the Explorer window Hide the removable devices in the Explorer window
    Disable executable File "Compatibility Troubleshooter" right-click menu
    Disable disk "Enable BitLocker" right-click menu
    Disable disk "Open in portable mode" right-click menu
    Disable new "Contact" right-click menu
    Disable the "Restore the previous version" right-click menu of files, disks, and properties.
    Disable the "Share" right-click menu of all objects.
    Disable the "Grant access rights" right-click menus of files, directories, desktops, disks, and libraries
    . "Always available offline" right-click menu
    Disable the "working folder" right-click menu of files, directories, desktops, and all objects
    Internet Explorer Other programs open links from new tabs in the current window
    Internet Explorer close recommended websites
    Internet Explorer skip IE for the first time Run custom settings
    Internet Explorer does not save the zone information of attachments
    Internet Explorer locks the toolbar
    Internet Explorer adjusts the number of simultaneous downloads to 10
    Internet Explorer always opens the pop-up window in a new tab when it encounters a pop-up window

    Internet Explorer closes the automatic update
    Internet Explorer hides the smile feedback button in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Pinyin default English input
    closed Microsoft Pinyin cloud computing
    Windows update does not include drivers for
    Windows update does not include the malicious software removal tool
    Windows updates adjusted to "do not check for updates"
    Notepad enabled wrap
    Notepad always shows the state Column
    Close Remote Assistance
    Disable Program Compatibility Assistant
    Disable Remote Registry Modification
    Disable error reporting
    Disable family groups
    Disable customer experience improvement program
    Windows Media Player does not display the first use dialogue box
    Enable Windows Photo Viewer
    Automatic restart on the blue screen
    Disable hibernation
    Disable quick start
    Disable component stack
    Disable account log in log report









    Download: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 (Build 17763.2114) Aio (x86- x64) Multi With Active August 2021 5.45 GB

    File Hashes
    CRC32: 5B1D8C7D
    MD5: 1617433B51B7976DDD2B68B793658290
    SHA-1: 5C6F3A98007B419684E090462E1173A0C4E7CD60

    Download : Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 (Build 17763.2114) (x86) Multi With Active August 2021 2.77 GB

    File Hashes
    CRC32: BB392006
    MD5: 462CC8C78A856DB423375CE402762868
    SHA-1: B286B347F90A9A030B7691BCFAFCAEA89DF53472

    Download : Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 (Build 17763.2114) (x64) Multi With Active August 2021 4.09 GB

    File Hashes
    CRC32: 0C7C04E0
    MD5: 0F008D04B8974F6BB195E2302A9B7D4A
    SHA-1: C48CF49B14D125ECAD9852452A8AEAE7399D53A1


    Download : Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 (Build 17763.2114) Aio (x86-x64) Multi With Active August 2021 5.45 GB

    File Hashes
    CRC32: 5B1D8C7D
    The MD5: 1617433B51B7976DDD2B68B793658290 the
    SHA-1: 5C6F3A98007B419684E090462E1173A0C4E7CD60 .

    Download: the Windows 10 the Enterprise LTSC 2019 ( the Build 17763.2114) (x86 - ) a Multi With the Active August 2021 2.77 GB

    File is Hashes
    the CRC32: BB392006 the
    MD5: 462CC8C78A856DB423375CE402762868 the
    SHA-1: B286B347F90A9A030B7691BCFAFCAEA89DF53472 .

    Download: the Windows 10 the Enterprise LTSC 2019 ( 17763.2114 the Build) (x64 - ) a Multi With the Active August 2021 4.09 GB

    File is Hashes
    the CRC32: 0C7C04E0 the
    MD5: 0F008D04B8974F6BB195E2302A9B7D4A the
    SHA-1: C48CF49B14D125ECAD9852452A8AEAE7399D53A1

    to ensure the quality of burning , please use the program as well as Rufus and to download the latest version please visit the official website: 


    For more information regarding the tool, please visit the link below:


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