OPPO Reno7 Pro

The smartphone industry is currently full of flowers. Various brands are vying to develop new models and new functions. Now the price of the mobile phone industry is soaring. In the era of seven or eight thousand mobile phones, OPPO mobile phones can be described as a parity fighter.

OPPO Reno7 Pro

Many young people like and trust OPPO very much. OPPO just opened a new product launch conference two days ago, OPPO Reno7 Pro officially debuted, and it will trigger a buying boom. But what is different is that the screen parameters of the new OPPO Reno7 Pro are exposed, and the domestic screen is actually mixed?

Most of the usual OPPO mobile phone screens are Samsung OLED screens . Samsung OLED screens have always been the top configuration in mobile phone screens. Many mobile phone manufacturers use Samsung OLED screens, including OPPO, and even use Samsung OLED screens as a selling point. . But the difference this time is that the OPPO Reno7 Pro did not continue to use Samsung OLED screens, but used domestically produced screens.

The use of domestic screens is an improvement for the mobile phone industry. Only with continuous use can we find more problems, better research and solve this problem, and get further development. In the long run, switch to domestic screens. It doesn't do much harm. What is the difference between a domestic screen and a Samsung screen?

1. The difference between the two screens:

When you look at a picture on your mobile phone, TV, or computer, you zoom in on it, and then zoom in, you will find that the photo is made up of squares, and these squares are pixels. Obviously, if the square is smaller, then a picture uses more squares. That is to say, the larger the pixels, the color of the picture will be better and more realistic and beautiful. Otherwise , it will have the same effect when taking a photo like a mobile phone more than ten years ago. Misty beauty. So this is also the reason why mobile phone cameras are pursuing high pixels. The same is true for mobile phone screens.

The biggest difference between domestic screens and Samsung screens is the pixel arrangement. The screen used in mobile phones now is an OLED screen, which is an organic light-emitting display. The pixels of an OLED screen are a combination of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue, just like painting toning. The better the combination of the three primary colors, the better the colors will look. So as long as we find the best arrangement of the three primary colors, we can get a screen with true color rendering and brilliant colors.

OPPO Reno7 Pro

The reason is this, but there will be some problems in the specific implementation. First of all, our domestic mobile phones started relatively late, especially later than Samsung. Samsung has worked out the best arrangement way long ago, which is the arrangement above, which we call the "diamond arrangement", and has already applied for patent protection. . This means that we can no longer use this arrangement. Then we have to study other arrangements.

Fortunately, BOE has also developed an arrangement, we call it delta arrangement, and because its arrangement is very similar to Zhou Dongyu’s previous staring emoji, many netizens jokingly call it "Zhou Dongyu arrangement". Although it is also a good arrangement, it is not the best after all, so the BOE screen is slightly inferior to the diamond-arranged Samsung screen in terms of screen resolution.

This is a flaw, and it is difficult to change at present. But don't worry too much. Although there are some gaps in the pixel arrangement, the displayed picture is actually difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Even the "Zhou Dongyu Arrangement" domestic screen is good.

However, the OPPO Reno7 Pro did not use all domestic screens this time, but a mixed use of imported domestic screens. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the type of screen will be on the box, you can choose to buy Samsung OLED screen or domestic screen, will not let you open the blind box.

2. Flexible straight screen:

Another very big change of OPPO Reno7 Pro this time is to replace the curved screen with a straight screen. There is actually a lot of controversy for curved screens. People who like it like it very much, and those who don't like it are really annoying. Let's first look at the advantages and disadvantages of curved screens.

The first is the superb appearance, which may attract many young people, and the second is that the screen is relatively flexible and not easy to break. Another point is that a mobile phone with a curved screen is relatively comfortable to hold, and it will not get stuck without a frame. In addition, when the screen is on, you will have the feeling that the picture will overflow the screen, and it will feel very tall.

However, the corresponding disadvantages are relatively large. Although the material is not easy to break the screen, the curved screen is more likely to be damaged without the frame, but it is more likely to be damaged. Once broken, your wallet will be empty, and it is also difficult to stick a new mobile phone film. There is no protection on both sides of the sticker ; there is also a phenomenon that the curved screen is prone to accidental touch, which is really a taboo when playing games; in addition, there will be some light refraction problems; it is very realistic that the price of a curved screen mobile phone is more expensive Some.

Relatively speaking, the face-to-face screen has many advantages. First, the cost of the face-to-face screen is much lower than that of the curved screen. Even if it is a broken screen, most people can afford it; secondly, it is not easy to touch by mistake, and those who like to play games must Choose to face the screen directly, otherwise touching this question by mistake will really give you a headache.

In fact, for many people, curved screens are not of much use except for their beauty, but now that mobile phones are competing for use, it looks like a blind follower. This time OPPO Reno7 Pro replaced the previous curved screen with a straight screen, which is not a step backward, but after trying it , I chose a better one, which caters to a more popular love.

3. OPPO Reno7 Pro screen parameters:

Face-to-face screens and curved screens have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they are not the main factor that determines the quality of the screen. The quality of the screen depends on its material, resolution and so on. The OPPO Reno7 Pro screen uses BOE’s 6.55-inch flexible AMOLED screen. The lines of the screen are smoother, even if it’s facing the screen, the appearance is superb.

At the same time, the screen has a dual-frequency dynamic refresh mode, the refresh rate is as high as 120Hz, the screen display is very delicate, and the video switching is smooth. In addition, the main screen resolution is 2400x1080 pixels and the picture quality is better, the colors are more vivid, and the picture display is more realistic.

The high refresh rate has a certain effect on preventing eye fatigue. At the same time, in terms of eye health, the screen has passed the SGS high-level low blue light certification, which can effectively reduce the passage of blue light and reduce the damage to the eyes. In terms of other parameters, OPPO Reno7 Pro uses the highest 180Hz touch sampling rate, the default 120Hz touch sampling rate, 100% DCI-P3, 16.7 million colors, 800nits typical brightness, 1100nits peak brightness, which is also relatively good.

OPPO Reno7 Pro uses BOE’s domestically produced screen . Many people have misunderstandings about some products. They think that imported products are good, and domestically produced products will be of poor quality. This is of course a misunderstanding. Today, our domestic products are not imported. Products, we should have such self-confidence, and at the same time, we should give more domestic products more opportunities, so that they can get better development.

The OPPO Reno7 Pro this time has changed a lot compared to the previous ones, especially the screens are mixed with domestic screens. What do you think of this change? Come and discuss with everyone in the comment area!

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