MicroSoft Office + OFFICE365 Activation Keys

Microsoft Office is a complete workplace software program cautiously advanced via way of means of the famous employer Microsoft. And this model provides a totally user-friendly, customized, and shrewd carrier at a unique basis, helps a higher UI interface, and presents many new subject matters, including colour, darkish grey, and black and white.

Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is a set of software programs commonly used in offices. It includes programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.

Microsoft Office is available in different versions, including a free online version (Office Online) and a more full-featured desktop version (Office 365). Office 365 is available for both Windows and Mac and includes additional features such as Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business.

For many years, Microsoft Office has been around and is a well-established, widely used office suite. However, it is not without its faults. One common complaint is that it can be expensive to purchase the full version of Office, especially if you only need a few of the programs.

Another complaint is that Microsoft Office can be difficult to use, with a steep learning curve. This is especially true for the more complex programs such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Despite its drawbacks, Microsoft Office remains a popular choice for many offices and businesses. It is a versatile

Microsoft Office Workplace:

In this software program, customers can discover their favourite subject matters in the "File Theme" drop-down list, which makes getting a totally extraordinary workplace temper each day. 

In addition, the software program improves the hunt and navigation revel, making it simpler to discover information. 

The remodelled Navigation Pane brings you the maximum direct illustration of your files, lets you to fast browse, kind, and update the preferred files, and provides the cap potential to update files. 

Once online files are published, customers may have a fine record revel in throughout a couple of places and gadgets thru Word. 

On the whole, it significantly enables everyone's everyday paintings and improves painting efficiency. It is an extraordinary software program. It is really well worth citing that this editor brings you the Microsoft Office model.

Software Features:

1. Discover an stepped forward seek and navigation enjoy:

Find data extra without difficulty with Word; with the brand new and stepped forward locate enjoy, you may locate content material via way of means of graphs, tables, footnotes, and annotations. An stepped forward navigation pane offers you a visible illustration of your files so that you can quickly browse, sort, and locate what you need.

2. Work in sync with others:

Word files redefine the manner humans paint on a report together. With co-authoring, you may edit your paper at the same time as sharing your thoughts with others. For agencies and organizations, integration with the software program allows customers to look if a person with whom they may be writing a report is to be had and without difficulty begin a consultation without leaving Word.

3. Access and percentage files from nearly everywhere:

Publish files online, after which get admission to, view, and edit those files everywhere via your pc or WindowsMobile-primarily based Smartphone totally. With Word, you may get a best-in-elegance report enjoyed throughout more than one place and more than one device.

4. Add visible outcomes to textual content:

With Word Document, you may practice photograph outcomes (together with shadows, bumps, glows, and reflections) to textual content. You can also practice formatting textual content for seamless mixing with your images. It's brief and smooth to perform with only a few mouse clicks.

5. Turn your textual content into fascinating diagrams:

With extra alternatives to be had in Word Documents, you may upload visible outcomes in your files. You can select from new SmartArt portraits to construct spectacular diagrams in minutes. The Graphics characteristic in SmartArt additionally transforms dotted textual content into fascinating visible portraits to higher show off your creativity.

What's new in Microsoft Office:

1. Automatically transfer subject matters:

to mechanically transfer subject matters to shape your Windows 10 subject matter settings. Go to File > Accounts and pick out the Use System Settings withinside in the Theme drop-down list.

2. Save shapes as pictures:

With only a few clicks, shapes, icons, or different gadgets may be stored as photo documents to be reused elsewhere.

3. One-click on writing guidelines: 

Apply writing guidelines with one click. The up-to-date editor pane makes it smooth to navigate among guidelines.

4. Make stunning Visio diagrams in Excel:

Use information from worksheets to create information-pushed diagrams and flowcharts or organizational charts.

5. Break down language limitations with integrated translation tools:

Add-ons that do not require translation! In a message, right-click on to translate precise words, phrases, or the whole message.

6. Grammar take a look at were given in your feedback:

Outlook flags grammatical mistakes as you kind so that you can practice guidelines with one click on them.

7. The equal signature, all devices:

signatures had been saved withinside the cloud. Create it as soon as and use it anywhere you operate Outlook.

8. Your Outlook settings withinside the cloud:

Choose Outlook for Windows settings (together with automated replies, Focused Inbox, and Privacy) and get admission to them from any pc.

Microsoft Office + WINDOWS
Activation Keys

Update: 20/08/2022 UPDATED AT 18:00 PM 

Office19_RTM19_ProPlus2019MSDNR_Retail online (phone)

Key: 9CHQW-FNC34-JK96T-27RVD-G84W6

Description: Office19_RTM19_ProPlus2019MSDNR_Retail

Sub Type: X21-74618

Error Code: Online Key

Time: 00:18:51 21/08/2022 (GMT+7)



Office 2010_OneNote_Retail phone


Description: Office14_OneNote_Retail

Sub Type: X16-07657

Error Code: 0xC004C008

Time: 19:50:10 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)

Win 10 RTM ProfessionalN Retail online

Key: WQXBQ-XNF7F-W734P-QM34G-3V666

Description: Win 10 RTM ProfessionalN Retail

Sub type: [TH]X19-98862

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 7:09:05 PM (GMT+7)

Win 10 RTM Enterprise Volume:MAK phone


Description: Win 10 RTM Enterprise Volume:MAK

Sub Type: [TH]X19-98707

Activation Count: 0

Error Code: Call MS Support

Time: 16:41:16 20/08/2022 (GMT+7

Windows Server 2016 RTM ServerStandard Retail online

Key: NK298-9C3Y8-J4BCG-F36XW-TQ8T4

Description: Windows Server 2016 RTM ServerStandard Retail

Sub Type: [RS1]X21-03129

Error Code: Online Key

Time: 18:22:09 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)



Windows Server 2012 RTM ServerDatacenter Retail online (phone)


Description: Windows Server 2012 RTM ServerDatacenter Retail

Sub Type: X18-18456

Error Code: Online Key

Time: 18:03:57 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)



Windows 7 Professional OEM:NONSLP phone

Key: 6KHX8-4F99V-M9WMT-F2PP3-4DWXG

Description: Windows 7 Professional OEM:NONSLP

Sub Type: X15-37362

Error Code: 0xC004C008

Time: 17:57:22 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)




Office 2010 RTM_HomeStudent_Retail2 phone


Description: Office14_HomeBusiness_Retail2

Sub Type: X16-08833

Error Code: 0xC004C017

Time: 10:26:12 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)

Win 10 RTM Education Retail online

Key: CNPDD-W2449-FC99K-BYJJ4-4X8WB

Description: Win 10 RTM Education Retail

Sub type: [TH]res-v3280

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:54:55 AM (GMT+7)

Win 10 RTM Core OEM:NONSLP phone


Description: Win 10 RTM Core OEM:NONSLP

Sub type: [TH]res-v3260

Error code: 0xC004C008

Time: 8/20/2022 3:50:31 PM (GMT+7)

Office21_VisioPro2021R_Retail online


Description: Office21_VisioPro2021R_Retail

Sub type: X22-53523

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:17 AM (GMT+7)


Description: Office21_ProjectPro2021R_Retail

Sub type: X22-53447

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:17 AM (GMT+7)


Description: Office21_Access2021R_Retail

Sub type: X22-53385

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:20 AM (GMT+7)




Office19_VisioPro2019R_Retail online

Key: 74DN3-RQ6YV-D8MKF-24J9J-7FVRK

Description: Office19_VisioPro2019R_Retail

Sub type: X21-74663

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:10 AM (GMT+7)


Description: Office19_ProjectPro2019R_Retail

Sub type: X21-74792

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:14 AM (GMT+7)



Office16_VisioProR_Retail online

Key: 373NB-DVG8X-YGGX3-G3PR9-C7J4V

Description: Office16_VisioProR_Retail

Sub type: X20-00738

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:15 AM (GMT+7)


Description: Office16_AccessR_Retail

Sub type: X19-98940

Error code: Online key

Time: 8/20/2022 10:57:20 AM (GMT+7)


Description: Office14_HomeBusiness_Retail2

Sub Type: X16-08833

Error Code: 0xC004C017

Time: 10:26:12 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)




Office21_ProPlus2021MSDNR_Retail online (phone)


Description: Office21_ProPlus2021MSDNR_Retail

Sub Type: X22-53565

Error Code: Online Key

Time: 09:54:09 20/08/2022 (GMT+7)

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