Windows 11 Error 8024402f Update Failed Fix

 Windows 11 Error 8024402f

If Microsoft Defender's Windows Security shows error 8024402f, or the security definition update fails on Windows 11, follow this post to fix the problem successfully.

How to Fix Security Definition Update Error 8024402F on Windows 11

Several users have complained of receiving error code 8024402f while installing security signature updates on Windows Security or Denedfer.

Upon booting, you will likely see the following error message on Windows Security:

The protection definition update failed.

Error Code: 8024402f

An unexpected problem occurred while checking for updates. For information on installing updates or troubleshooting, see Help and Support.

This error appears to be specific to Windows 11, so don't confuse it with the generic 8024402f error code in older Windows versions.

If you face the same error that prevents you from installing new security definitions on Windows 11, try the fixes that we will mention in this post. Before that, let's try to understand the scenario that may lead to the 8024402f security definition update error appearing on Windows 11.

What is the cause of the Windows 11 security definition update 8024402f error?

Here are some possible reasons why this error might occur:

If you do not have enough space on the drive to install updates, it can happen. So, clean up some room to download and install updates.

If you set an incorrect date and time on your system, this can also cause the error. So, make sure the date and time are correct and in sync.

Some glitches in the Windows Update service can also be one of the reasons causing the error. You can try disabling the service for some time to fix the problem.

The error can occur if some dependent services are disabled.

Other reasons for the same could be that Windows security is disabled or that you are dealing with some corrupt system files.

Depending on which scenario is most suitable for you, you can try the fixes below to solve the problem.

Fix Windows Security Definition Update Error 8024402f on Windows 11

Here are the ways to fix error 8024402f when installing new security updates on Windows 11 and 10:

Make sure you have enough space.

Set the correct date and time.

Temporarily disable the Windows Update service.

Make sure Windows Security is enabled.

Make sure each dependency is enabled.

Perform a clean install or repair.

1] Make sure you have enough space

One of the possible causes for this error can be that the disk space on your computer is not enough to install security updates. Windows Security requires about 16 GB of free space to install Windows Defender or Windows Firewall definition updates. Hence, the first thing you should do is make sure that you have enough space on your operating system drive to install security updates without any hiccups.

There are several ways to free up space on your system. You can use the Windows built-in utility, Disk Cleanup Utility, to delete unwanted and temporary files. Free software such as Comet (Managed Disk Cleanup) or Cleanmgr+ can also be used.

Otherwise, try deleting the duplicate files to get some needed free space on your computer.

If there is enough disk space to install updates and you are still getting the same error code, there must be another underlying cause for the error. So, you can go for the next fix to solve the error.

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