Windows 7 SP1 ORIGINAL Ultimate (x64) Lite Fully Updated JUNE 2022

Windows7 SP1 X64

 Official Ultimate

Win7 system is currently the largest number of people in the World market Microsoft operating system, today specially brought win7 system 64-bit original version, English name Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 x64, version of SP1, the real official original, without any modifications, especially for enthusiasts and small business users and developers can meet the needs of office development. The new version of Win7 Pro includes enhanced network features such as Active Directory and domain support, Remote Desktop, etc.; There are also network backup, location-aware printing, encrypting file system, demo mode, Windows XP mode, and other functions.


Windows 7 SP1 ORIGINAL Ultimate (x64) Lite Fully Updated JUNE 2022 

First, the system introduction

Windows 7 Ultimate is an original iso image file dedicated to providing users with Windows 7 system installation services, if we want to install Windows 7 system for our own computer, we can do it by running this software. And Windows 7 Ultimate x64 can also support system backup and recovery.

Introduction to Windows 7 Ultimate software

Windows 7 flagship version currently occupies half of the operating system, which shows the popularity of the Windows 7 system, Windows 7 Ultimate is one of the most powerful of many Win7 versions, but also the user's favorite version, and 64-bit conforms to the current mainstream hardware, Win7 system home especially share Windows 7 SP1 flagship version 64-bit official ISO image download. Pure and non-toxic.

Windows 7 Ultimate With SP1 is the Win7 version of Service Pack 1 that is integrated. This release has been patched until August 2016

Win7 Ultimate Edition has all the features, and the Enterprise Edition is basically the same product, only in the licensing method and its related applications and services are different, for high-end users and software enthusiasts. Professional and Home Premium users can pay to upgrade to the ultimate version through the Windows Ready to Upgrade (WAU) service.

Although Windows 7 was released more than 2 years later than Vista, its demand for minimal hardware remained largely unchanged. Since Windows 7 runs more smoothly than Vista on the same hardware, its hardware requirements actually "don't go up, they go down". Obviously, Windows 7 on my laptop is smoother than Vista! And the boot time has also been shortened a lot, which is indeed very good, and it is currently the user's favorite Windows operating system.

Software features

1. Hard disk installation:

Under Windows, Unzip the downloaded iso file to the D disk, run setup.exe, and select "Install Windows"

2. U disk installation:

Use the official tool or UltraISO to write the system image to the USB flash drive, set the USB disk from the bios to boot, and then install it like a disc

Or write pe in the U disk, and install the setup .exe in the system image file copied into the U disk before opening the pe after booting

3. CD-ROM installation:/USB

Set the optical drive boot in the bios, and select the first item to automatically install to the first partition of the hard disk. Branded machines with hidden partitions are recommended to be installed manually

Windows 7 Ultimate software features
Optimize the registry to improve system performance.

Disable a small number of services to improve the efficiency of system operation.
Integrates the latest version of DX, MSJAVA Virtual Machine, and VBVC common runtime.
Windows 7 SP1 ORIGINAL Ultimate (x64) Desktop

More stable

Contains the vast majority of SATA, SCSI, and RAID controller drivers that support 64-bit processors and supports dual-core processors.

Hundreds of common hardware drivers are integrated, and after careful testing by the authors, almost all drivers can be automatically identified and installed.

The original new system's dual recovery mode solves the problem that some SATA optical drives and computers with hidden partitions cannot install the system properly.

Supports IDE SATA USB drive installation, which solves the problem that other Ghost systems cannot recover properly on some SATA or computers with hidden partitions.

The installation process will run a self-developed driver selection tool, which can intelligently determine all computer hardware models, and minimize the phenomenon of blue screens due to driver conflicts.
Windows 7 SP1 ORIGINAL Ultimate (x64) Properties


The source installation disk uses Microsoft's official Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD  operating system and is permanently activated.

--About activation, there may be some computers that are not activated, after entering the system, the desktop is placed with a shortcut to the Win7 activation toolset, you can enter the selection activation tool for activation.

Office Suite is a lite version of Office 2003, with integrated Office patches until December 2016 (via Microsoft Vulnerability Scan and 360 Vulnerability Scan)

The packaging process is performed in package ES3.1, sky SKYIAR 2.7.1 is loaded, and the latest notebooks and desktops can be installed normally

The installation process will automatically remove the AUTORUN virus that may exist under each partition, and remove the gray pigeon and disk drive virus.

No new user accounts are created, only Administrators are retained, and the password is blank. (Please add the password in time after the user installs the system)

The default sharing of each partition of the hard disk (such as C$, D$, E$, etc.) is turned off, and the system is more secure.
Windows 7 SP1 ORIGINAL Ultimate (x64) Updates

More user-friendly

Integrated maintenance personnel tools are not only easy to install, more convenient for maintenance.

Preset a variety of beautiful themes, wallpapers, screensavers, and carefully collected IE practical favorites.

Intelligent judgment of the type of computer, is the desktop computer to turn on the keypad light, is the notebook to turn off the keypad light.

Divide the hard disk into four/five zones in an instant, so that everyone knows how to partition, partitioning is no longer difficult (suitable for new hard disks).

Windows 7 Ultimate Usage Instructions
1. After installation, run the "Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool" through the Start Menu;

2. Select the iso image file of Windows 7 in the source file box;

3. Choose to use USB mode or DVD mode; Any one of them

4. After selecting the device you want to copy the file from the list of devices, click Start. If prompted below, press the light blue icon in the illustration to refresh or reinsert the USB stick
Win 7 Tasks 


Before installing Windows 7 SP1, it's a good idea to back up your PC or important files to an external hard drive, DVD/CD, or network.

If you just want to upgrade a PC or home PC, then according to Microsoft's advice, you are better off getting SP1 push through Windows Update, rather than going to the Microsoft Download Center to download the full SP1 service pack or use the online installation package, because Windows Update will provide you with the best installation experience.

It's best to make sure your device drivers are up to date.

It is very important to disinfect your machine before installing, if your machine is infected with a virus, then this will affect your SP1 installation and future upgrades.

Windows 7 SP1 requires a reboot after installation.

Windows 7 SP1 installation requires more hard disk space, and if you don't have enough space, you can use Windows 7's built-in disk cleanup tool to get more space.

Make sure Windows 7 SP1 is connected to a power source when installing it on your notebook.

What is the difference between win7 Pro and Ultimate?

Windows 7 can be said to be an upgrade of Vista's business edition, but it also adds some new features to support the addition of data protection features such as Domain Join, advanced network backup and encrypting file system, location-aware printing technology (which automatically selects the right printer on a home or office network), and so on. Features included: Network-enhanced features such as domain join, advanced backup capabilities, location-aware printing, offline folders, Mobility Center, and Presentation Mode.

Win7 professional version relative to the enterprise version and home version of the function is much more, and the professional version of the setting is more complex if the computer knowledge is not very deep friends and use not too much function is recommended to choose the home version is enough, if the computer has a certain understanding and can manually set the computer-related operations, it is recommended to use win7 professional version, individual users choose the professional version must be the best choice.

Win7 Ultimate is currently the hottest version of the Wdinwos7 operating system because it has the features of all versions of Windows 7. Added features: BitLocker feature, switch between 35 languages at will. If you are a perfection seeker, friends who require more features the better recommend choosing the ultimate version because this version is recognized as the best version in the Windows 7 series. 

Second, the system features

First, Easier to use

win7 has made many user-friendly designs, such as quick maximization, window half-screen display, Jump List, system fault quick fix, etc., these new features make Windows 7 the easiest to use Windows.

2, Faster

Win7 has greatly reduced the startup time of Windows, according to actual measurements, running in the low-end configuration of 2008, the system loading time is generally not more than 20 seconds, which is a great improvement compared with Windows Vista's more than 40 seconds.

3, Simpler

win7 will make it easier to search and use information, including local, web, and Internet search capabilities, an intuitive user experience that will be more advanced and will also integrate automated application submission and cross-program data transparency.

4, Safer

win7 includes improved security and functional legitimacy, as well as extends data protection and management to peripherals. Windows 7 improves role-based computing and user account management, bridging the gap between the inherent conflicts of data protection and robust collaboration, while also unlocking enterprise-grade data protection and permissions.

5. Cost savings

win7 helps enterprises optimize their desktop infrastructure with the seamless operating system, application, and data portability, and simplifies PC provisioning and upgrades, further moving towards full application updates and patches.

6, Better connections

Win7 further enhances mobile work, enabling data and applications to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device, enabling a robust, ad hoc collaboration experience, and further expanding wireless connectivity, management, and security capabilities. Optimize performance and current capabilities as well as emerging mobile hardware, expanding multi-device synchronization, management, and data protection capabilities. Finally, win7 brings flexible computing infrastructure, including fat, thin, and network-centric models.

7. Virtual PC

Microsoft's new generation of virtual technology - Windows virtual PC, the program comes with a copy of the legal license of Windows XP, as long as the system is Win7 Professional Edition or Win7 Ultimate Edition, the memory of more than 2GB, you can run freely in the virtual machine only suitable for XP applications, and even if the virtual system crashes, it is very convenient to deal with.

8. More user-friendly UAC (User Account Control)

Vista's UAC can be said to have caused Vista users to suffer, but in win7, the UAC control level has increased to four, and by controlling the strictness of the UAC in this way, the UAC is safe and not cumbersome.

9. Only the basic software is pre-installed, and the others need to be downloaded separately

Win7 only comes pre-installed with basic software – such as Windows Media Player, WordPad, Notepad, Photo Viewer, etc. Other programs such as Movie Maker and Photo Gallery are no longer included by Microsoft to shorten the development cycle. Users can go to the official website of Windows Live and freely choose the free software of Windows Live.

10. Aero special effects

Win7's Aero effect is more gorgeous, with collision effects, water drop effects, and a wealth of desktop gadgets. These are all much more colorful than Vista.


Third, the minimum configuration requirements for installation

1. Processor: 1 GHz 64-bit processor.

2. Memory: 2GB and above.

3. Graphics card: Support DirectX 9 128M and above (turn on AERO effect).

4. Hard disk space: more than 16G (main partition, NTFS format).

5. Display: Display devices that require a resolution of 1024X768 pixels and above, or can support touch technology.

Fourth, the installation method

1. Hard disk installation (Note: It is forbidden to insert a USB stick)

Win7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit

First, download the iso file of the system of this site, and extract the iso file to the D disk or other disks, remember not to extract on the desktop or extract on the system disk C disk.

Win7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit

Turn off the various antivirus software on the computer, otherwise, it is easy to install failures, and then open the [Double-click to install the system (recommended) .exe] in the extracted folder

After clicking [Reinstall System Now], the whole process is automatically installed.

2. U disk installation (with U disk)

Download the U disk boot disk maker tool, recommend [System Home Installation Master].

Win7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit

Insert a U disk, one-click to make a USB boot disk, copy the downloaded system to the U disk that has been made to boot, restart the computer, set the U disk as the first boot entry, boot into PE, run the "PE one-click installation" on the desktop, you can start GHOST for mirror installation.

【Warm Tips】After downloading the system, please check the MD5 value to prevent the installation failure caused by the large file being damaged during download and transfer.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if my Win7 monitor is blurry?

1. First right-click on the lower-left corner to start, and then click "Control Panel".

2. Then click the "Show" option inside.

3. Then click on the "Adjust clear type" text in the display.

4. Then check "Enable ClearType" and click Next.

5. Then go ahead and click Next to select the text case that looks clear.

6. Finally, you can successfully complete the setting.

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (x64) New Features

Windows 7 is designed to have a small file size and use fewer resources. Let's load to use.
[ Additions ]
- .NET Framework 4.8
- Google Chrome Installer
- Mozilla Firefox Installer
[ Removed ]
Games ★ Internet Explorer
Windows Media Player ★ Tablet PC
SideBar ★ Gadgets ★ Features ★ Mail
WinRE ★ Backup & Restore
Diagnostics ★ Action Center
Speech ★ Sync Center ★ Defender
Workspaces ★ BitLocker ★ Smart Card
Fax ★ Hyper-V ★ Error Reporting
Network Adapter Drivers ★ Some Fonts
Language Support ★ Update Support
WinSAT ★ Remote Access ★ Sounds
And More...
[ Disabled ]
Hibernation ★ SuperFetch
Automatic Maintenance ★ Virtual Memory
Size: 852Mb

Disclaimer of Warranties

The copyright of this Windows system and software belongs to the respective owners, can only be used for personal research and exchange, may not be used for commercial purposes, and the system maker does not assume any technical and copyright problems, please delete within 24 hours after the trial. If you are satisfied, please purchase the genuine version!

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